Roland Gissing - Alberta's Best Known Landscape Artist

By: Roland Gissing  09-12-2011

Appraisals & Recommendations - contact The Gissing Collection for appraisals required for insurance purposes or selling considerations. We will also make recommendations when buying or selling a Gissing related to quality and market conditions.

Presentations - The Gissing Collection is available for public speaking engagements at educational facilities and public, private or corporate events. Based on a Western Heritage theme presentations will be accompanied by visual materials including historic memorabilia from the private collection of the Estate.

Display Opportunities - Original art works and historic memorabilia from the Estate are available for display. Inventory & pricing provided upon determination of requirements.

Attendance at Auction - We will attend local auctions on your behalf for a minimal fee to acquire Gissing works of interest.

Cleaning and Restoration - A professional cleaning and restorations division is available to give your Gissing a new “glow”. Paintings will become dull over the years through the accumulation of dirt and dust. Through cleaning and/ or reframing your painting can be given a new life.

Reproduction Permission - Copyright is held exclusively by The Gissing Collection. Please contact us for reproduction permission for Christmas cards, calendars, books etc. Reproduction permission costs are determined by application.