Accessories | | Riva's The Eco StoreRiva's The Eco Store

By: Riva's - the Eco Store  09-12-2011

Accessories | | Riva's The Eco StoreRiva's The Eco Store

At Riva’s Eco Store, a number of accessories are available to help you emphasize and express your personal style.  With everything from belts, bags and jewelry, no outfit need ever be boring!  Wallets, clutches and larger bags are available in leather, vegan friendly, and recycled options, as are belts.  For formal events, dress up any outfit with a handcrafted piece of jewelry in stainless steel by Polli, or reclaimed wood by Canadian company Billy Would.  Whatever statement you want to make, accessories from Riva’s Eco store can help you make it.

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Baby Wearing | | Riva's The Eco StoreRiva's The Eco Store

Choosing a suitable carrier means that your baby may cry less, since they can be comforted by a care-giver’s presence while still allowing them the freedom to work on other things while content or sleeping. At Riva’s Eco Store, not only do we carry a variety of organic baby carriers, we also offer in-store baby wearing classes. Baby wearing is a great option for both in and out of the house.


Air & Water

Studies are uncovering that an alarming amount of potentially toxic substances are making their way through these filtration processes and into our water systems from the staggering list of new chemicals being added to everyday products each year.


Organic Bedding & Bath

Nandina – Nandina makes luxuriously soft bamboo and organic cotton towels, cozy bathrobes, absorbent bamboo towels for the kitchen, plusnatural fiber spa products all designed to pamper your body and delight your senses. At Riva’s Eco Store, bed linens are chosen for their quality, durability, and properties that make them anti-microbial and, in the case of wool, naturally fire retardant and moisture resistant.