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By: Riva Modeling  09-12-2011

Riva CP, Capital Projects, provides the tools needed to track your capital projects from inception, through design, approvals all the way to construction. It allows you to share information between departments securely and easily. And it is easily configurable, to match your specific needs.

It can help any organization streamline its design and approval processes by simplifying interdepartmental coordination, keeping a history of every change to the project in one place, and providing immediate access to all project documentation.

Riva CP also helps you manage your funding sources by forecasting the balances on reserve funds, the demands on grants and the costs of loans and debentures. It allocates those costs to your chart of accounts for reconciliation with your financial system and tracking of planned and actual expenses.

Riva CP is a tool that:

  • Lets you customize the lifecycle of your projects
  • Lets you determine and track the approvals required for each project
  • Displays projects geographically
  • Provides reports, reporting tools and interfaces with third-party tools
  • Works with any type of project

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Riva DS - Riva Decision Support is the world leader in integrated enterprise long range capital asset planning and maintenance management for tangible capital assets. It then provides the tools you need to fit your recommended work plans into your actual budget and see the effect that has on condition, service level and risk.


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Municipalities with populations of 50,000 or more and corporations with over 25,000 tangible capital assets to manage usually require an integrated enterprise software solution. They provide smaller organizations with the advantages of the enterprise solutions while being optimized for working with smaller asset inventories.