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By: Rigstar  09-12-2011
Keywords: oil and gas

Enterprise organizations spend between 2 and 8 % of their overall budget on Information Technology, but is that budget being applied to maximize IT optimization across the enterprise and industry value chain?

In the past, disparate business units in the oil and gas sector invested significant dollars in low barrier to entry IT infrastructure to solve ‘project based’ communication requirements. Without understanding the potential net gains of evaluating “the whole,” organizations procured remote communication services from fractionalized regional vendors, who often did not have the strategic scope and scale to effectively manage a consolidated, fully meshed network.

The proverbial last mile still poses significant challenges for the CIO. There are simply not many companies who focus on remote communications as a core business. Rigstar Communications is one of them; and we have proven global scope and scale in the enterprise oil and gas sector. Our clients include: Husky Energy, Suncor Energy, BP, Apache, Chevron, Tourmaline and Talisman Energy.

The Ubiquity of Enterprise Mobile Computing

CIOs in the oil and gas sector are now being pressured to deliver multiple IP and mobile applications across an expansive and distributed network while building a measurable ROI model that can be replicated as the end user network expands. Consequently, device-independent security solutions deployed over a scalable and flexible cloud enabled network will help to deliver innovative applications that run on a range of devices, while reducing security risks.

Organizations who adopt innovation a core value of their company are able to compete continually in the marketplace and help their employees learn and advance their skill sets thus driving both employee and employer adoption of the most beneficial and productive business changes across network operations.

Cost Advantage of an Enterprise Cloud Enabled IP Network

Hosting voice, data and applications across a converged IP network replaces traditionally separate dedicated networks for each and thus the cost savings can be in excess of 40 percent due to consolidation of vendors, faster access to information and refocusing IT to other innovative projects. CIO’s can leverage this resilient IP infrastructure to support a fully functional collaboration and communications platform, enabling global innovation and optimization across enterprise business operations.

Keywords: oil and gas

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Rigstar Communications enables rapid wide area network unification through rapid deployment of a resilient, real-time, high performance, remote IP infrastructure that consolidates voice, data, platform and application infrastructure with unparalleled quality of service and dynamic class of service prioritization.


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Social networking capabilities as well as corporate social responsibility guidelines are now business-driven requirements integrated into the social, ethical, and environmental agendas of enterprise corporations to further strategic business goals to build global leaders and global business practices across geographically disparate teams.


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Today’s CIO understands that Enterprise Resource Planning, Knowledge Management, Supply Chain Management, Safety Management, and Customer Relationship Management systems automate operations and processes that span multiple business functions, and organizational levels.



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