Enterprise Operational Continuity

By: Rigstar  09-12-2011

Today’s marketplace is fierce, but repeatedly history shows that it’s the competitors with the best information coupled to the best strategy that reign the day. Rigstar Communications offers the best – real-time, innovative, high-performance network and cloud infrastructure to link remote operations, process, and personnel into the enterprise and industry value-chain activities.

Today’s CIO understands that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Knowledge Management (KM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Safety Management (SM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems automate operations and processes that span multiple business functions, and organizational levels. However, visionary CIO’s know that to capture sustainable competitive advantage and deliver dominant value-chain performance a pervasive and encompassing enterprise paradigm of systems expansion into remote, edge geographies is the critical final-frontier.

Rigstar has proven that IT can substantially contribute to operational excellence, improved cost and profit metrics, and real-time data and communications by extending enterprise infrastructure and applications into remote locations through the rapid deployment of a fully meshed, private networks, and cloud solutions.

Other products and services from Rigstar


It Modernization & Optimization

Organizations who adopt innovation a core value of their company are able to compete continually in the marketplace and help their employees learn and advance their skill sets thus driving both employee and employer adoption of the most beneficial and productive business changes across network operations.


Wide Area Network Acceleration

Rigstar Communications enables rapid wide area network unification through rapid deployment of a resilient, real-time, high performance, remote IP infrastructure that consolidates voice, data, platform and application infrastructure with unparalleled quality of service and dynamic class of service prioritization.


HSE Alignment & Enablement

Social networking capabilities as well as corporate social responsibility guidelines are now business-driven requirements integrated into the social, ethical, and environmental agendas of enterprise corporations to further strategic business goals to build global leaders and global business practices across geographically disparate teams.



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