Child Support

By: Resolve Legal Group  25-06-2013
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Child support is not optional. Parents have an obligation to support their children while they are under the age of majority, when they separate from the other parent, whether they were married or not. Support is determined in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines, which take into account income of the paying parent and where that parent resides, and the number of children. Parents can also be obligated to pay additional support for the children which can include costs for daycare and other extraordinary expenses. Parents may also be obligated to pay support for children who are over the age of majority if they are continuing their education or if they are unable to support themselves by reason of illness or disability. We can help you understand the rules and tables that make up the Guidelines so as so ensure you are paying or receiving the appropriate amount of support for your children. We can also advise you on what to do if you are not receiving support. We can also provide direction on how to enforce child support court orders and assistance with how to ensure that child support is recalculated and adjusted when income of the payor changes.

Keywords: Child, Lawyer, Support

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