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By: RES  09-12-2011
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EMPACT Overview

EMPACT (Exploration and Mining Project Activity Cost Tracking) provides project and cost management for your exploration and mining activities, which improves fiscal accountability and corporate governance while reducing your operating costs. Key reporting of all costs and activities is provided for one or more projects. Data are synchronized between the central office and field users. Detailed and customized reports provide information not readily available in conventional spreadsheets.




combine to create software that covers a wide range of in-field data tracking tasks, and a detailed budgeting and expenditure control and workflow system. To gain a true understanding and appreciation of their synergy, we encourage you to call us for a demonstration. If you have any questions, please call 403-245-0220 or e-mail us at

. We appreciate your interest in our products and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


EMPACT Features

EMPACT + COMS are integrated to provide the best overall project and cost management for your exploration and mining activities. The result is superior cost tracking and managing for all your mining activities over the course of the asset life cycle. They also provide improved fiscal accountability and corporate governance. Key reporting of all costs and activities ise provided for all your projects. The following is a list of the features of the EMPACT module of the software.

Comprehensive Project Cost Management System

  • In-field cost tracking and project control for the entire exploration and mine asset life cycle
  • COMS – compare budgeted field cost estimates to actual costs, tie directly into your corporate accounting system
  • Centralized documentation for all aspects of the project, from geology, surveying, construction, drilling, bulk and surface samples, core reports, facilities, and abandonment to site reclamation
  • Daily summary reports to let users know how much is being spent
  • Improved tracking and accountability through a materials transfer system
  • Easy user adoption and training; most field users find themselves using the product after only an hour's training

EMPACT has all exploration and operations cost information in one place, enabling all users to search quickly and easily. Because of EMPACT's integration with COMS and your accounting system, COMS is capable of comparing budgets to field estimates to actual costs.


  • 24/7 support includes server monitoring, call tracking, and logging using RES’ ‘Software as a Service’ gateway

Keywords: Cost Management

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