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By: Randomtype  09-12-2011


“Sound strategy starts
with having the right goal.”

Michael Porter (Harvard Professor)

The first task of any RANDOMTYPE project is to explore your goals. With goals in mind, we can start targeting an approach to creating a strategy.

Independent milestones are established so that a measure can be set for meeting your goals. Milestones can vary: creating a blog, setup of a twitter account, redesign of your home page, setup of analytics, etc.

Next comes execution. The team at RANDOMTYPE has the skill and knowledge required to deliver against your milestones.

Once your project has been delivered we review the process to determine if your needs have been met. By following this formula we’ve kept projects like yours on time and on budget.


“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

Joe Sparano

What’s the personality of your company? How should your company appear in the public eye? RANDOMTYPE takes these questions into account when designing your brand. With the growth of social media the importance of creating a strong, consistent brand has never been so important. The second your brand goes public an array of social networks and websites begin re-posting your corporate content. How can you make sure consistency is maintained? By relying on a solid plan.

RANDOMTYPE has teamed up with a number of other industry experts to create unique branding and positioning campaigns. So whether you want to expand an existing brand or refresh your company identity, RANDOMTYPE can take your creative design to the next level.


Meet your company’s new best friend, your website.

Imagine increasing your company’s efficiency, while at the same time, helping you connect with your desired markets. This can be done by fully understanding the products and services you have to offer. Mapping out your current reality vs. targeted goals with respect to market demographics, technical requirements, reporting processes, workload bottlenecks, and company size will lead to a clear strategy for success. Furthermore, accurate understanding of your stakeholders’ needs and interests is a foundation for optimizing your systems.

The RANDOMTYPE team has extensive experience developing websites, building custom programs, and creating iOS applications. Our primary goal is helping companies like yours see the benefits of having customized technology, and that these benefits would be reflected in your bottom line.