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By: R2 Solutions  09-12-2011

Oilfield Application Selection

“I really need something to make this spreadsheet a real solution”

We can do that! Taking your current system into consideration, we map out direct improvements that will help your bottom line. Listening to all aspects of your problem, we can work with you to find an application solution that fits your budget and your requirements!

Oilfield Application development

“What’s the best software tool for this?”

It’s a common problem and a quick search on google won’t give you a real understanding of the landmines of what is really available. Having worked with a variety of software solutions our advice and expertise can make the difference when choosing your software package.

Solution Architecture

“This system we have now needs some improvement”

Available on a time & materials basis, one of our solution architects works with your team to map out the necessary software applications and custom development needed by your project. KPI’s and bottom line results are determined, documented, and made ready for your project.

.NET Application Design

“I know what we need to make..now how do we get it built?”

If you are planning an outsourcing project, you’ll need to go from requirements to design documents. Available on a time & materials basis, our software experts can provide detailed design documents to your specifications and get your project moving.