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By: Quantex Energy  09-12-2011
Keywords: Crude Oil, Heavy Oil, Process Technology

The Quantex upgrader will produce heavy low residue Synthetic Crude oil (SCO)

Heavy oil is any type of crude oil which does not flow easily. It is a relative term, compared to light crude oil, but relates to specific technical issues in respect of production, transportation, and refining.

The physical properties that distinguish heavy crude's from lighter ones include higher viscosity and specific gravity, as well as heavier molecular composition. Extracting heavy oil with the Quantex process provides many benefits given that the heavy crudes are low in metals, highly aromatic and easily contribute to the production of other carbon products

Advanced Bio Oil process

Recent advances in the process are leading to patent disclosures wherein trade secret Bio-oils can also be created while further reducing capex and operating costs. This additional

quantum leap in process technology

will create the foundation of the Quantex Clean – green Bitu-crude plant design.

Actual liquifide coal using the Quantex Process

Value added Co-products. Clean high quality Carbon feedstock

Pitch is used to produce carbon materials for the metals smelting industry.

In particular, the aluminum industry reduces aluminum ore in an electrochemical process utilizing carbon anodes. Binder pitch is used as a "glue" to combine anode grade coke. Binder pitch is a material used, along with anode coke, to make solid carbon anodes for the aluminum industry. Binder pitch is also used to produce electrodes for arc furnaces for the steel industry and also is used for materials composites and other miscellaneous purposes.

Actual photo of Quantex Pitch being used in test.

Anode cokes are used in the production of aluminum. Needle Coke is a premium grade, high value petroleum coke, used in the manufacturing of graphite electrodes for the arc furnaces in the metallurgy industry. It can withstand temperatures as high as 28000C.

Keywords: Anode Cokes, Carbon Products, Crude Oil, Heavy Oil, Process Technology, Synthetic Crude, Synthetic Crude Oil,

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