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By: Putting Party  09-12-2011
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The Putting Party© is a fun, new, all-season indoor or outdoor putting game you can play with friends (or you can just keep it all to yourself and amaze them with fewer putts next game), but lets face it, playing with (and defeating) family and friends is much more fun.

The Putting Party© is professionally taught putting skills adapted into a hilarious game which you can play or entertain with year-round, and you can use it for individual practice too.

But there is a catch…Mulligan Cards.

Skill Cards - Shows how you will be holding the putter and how you will be putting the ball on this hole. There are 30 different Skill cards which are drills used and taught by professional teachers.
Examples are putting with 1 hand, putting with your eyes closed, putting with no backswing, etc.

Course Cards - Shows the hole or target you will be putting to and the scoring for the hole. There are 25 different Course cards which are drills used and taught by professional teachers.
Examples are putting to hit a small target, putting a specific distance, putting between 2 clubs, etc.

Mulligan Cards - Guarantee any person playing the game can win, no matter their skill level and are strictly for fun and to tease other players. There are 40 Mulligan cards in the game.
Examples of what Mulligan cards can do are adding strokes to another player’s score, subtracting strokes from your score, switching scores with another player on a hole, blocking another player from playing a mulligan card against you, making other players switch putters, allowing you to ignore the skill card and putt anyway you want, etc.

The combination of Skill and Course cards give you over 700 different holes to play. The chance of ever playing the same 9 or 18 hole game twice is very rare and if it happens, we want to know about it.

Keywords: Cards