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More than 30 years investment expertise in the Western Canada property market.

At ProCura, we have the experience and in-house skills to successfully form and manage multi-million dollar investment funds for developing and holding real estate across Western Canada.

We take a strategic approach to each investment and with our in-depth knowledge of properties in Western Canada, are able to take advantage of investment opportunities when market conditions are ripe. Through meticulous research and detailed planning, we are able to deliver innovative, customized and high net worth investment strategies to our clients and partners.

With millions of dollars of assets under management, and with a proven track record for delivering value, whether from ground-up developments or new acquisitions, we have developed a reputation for both trust and results among the investment community. And with asset value for future projects totaling $4-5 million dollars in apartment builds and 1.5 million square feet of proposed office space there are excellent opportunities for investment with ProCura.

Delivering increased value through high-quality acquisitions and developments.

At ProCura, we are committed to increasing the value and usage for each of our properties. With our proven strategy for conservative growth, and with more than three decades experience, we are able to find and leverage the upside potential in each of our properties.

Our asset base consists of great commercial and residential properties in great locations with great tenancies. Managed by our dedicated team at ProCura and we are able to deliver assets with long-term increasing value to our clients and partners.

Western Canada’s premier developer of high-quality commercial and residential buildings and communities.

At ProCura, we are experienced in a diverse range of property development, from full-scale, ground-up construction of exquisite residences and condominiums to the redevelopment and renovation of office and retail buildings, our forward-thinking projects have made an enduring mark on the skylines of Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Our team brings several decades experience to each building and works closely with our partners to not only define the scale and scope of a project but also to ensure that deadlines are met on time and on budget. Our development services include:

  • Land acquisition strategy.
  • Re-zoning.
  • Ground-up developments.
  • Redevelopment and renovation of existing properties.
  • Full-scale development and design of customizable projects for long-term lease.

We are committed to developing sustainable projects and are one of the few developers to have the in-house skills to complete developments to the new stringent LEED® GOLD certification.

Attracting and maintaining great tenants while reducing long-term risks and costs.

At ProCura, we offer a wide range of services for effectively managing and leasing our commercial and residential properties. With our high-quality buildings and communities, we have some of the highest tenancy retention rates across Western Canada and are able to provide effective and timely engineering services, security, energy management programs, and sustainable practices – all of which help enhance the lives of our tenants.

Our dedicated and experienced Property Management & Leasing team provides the following services:

  • Client relations.
  • Budgeting and accounting for audit reports.
  • Monthly Management reports.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Client repairs and improvements.
  • Purchasing of supplies and services.
  • Property tax appeals.
  • Leasing and marketing.

Our hands-on approach to sales and marketing tells us there is ongoing demand for the high-quality buildings and communities we develop.

At ProCura, we have successfully marketed millions of dollars worth of property over the past 30 years. And despite the ups and downs of the real estate market, have continued to provide people with quality homes, communities, and offices.

Our hands-on marketing approach has provided our team with real insight to the needs of buyers and tenants across Western Canada. As such, before we break ground on a raw site or redevelop an existing property, we fully know the type of buyer or tenant that will be attracted to our building. This allows us to successfully market residential, commercial, and leasing properties.

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Keywords: office space, Real Estate

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