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By: Proactive Health Advisor  09-12-2011
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Understanding health care and the available options is becoming more complex with advanced medical technologies and pharmaceuticals. How we decide to use these advances will vary by our age, our values and goals and our overall health picture. The decisions that we would make at 20 years old are likely to look different at 50 and again at 85. There are no ‘right or wrong answers’ but personal decisions that fit with what is important to you and support your goals for quality of life.

With our mobile society families often do not live in the same location as parents or other family members. As professional Nurses we can assist, or represent, your family in getting the information you may need by communicating with health care professionals and deciphering the medical terminology. Once you have the critical and comprehensive information we can work with your family to look at what your options are for;

  • Health care and decision making
  • Housing; Aging in Place and the alternatives
  • Resources and Community supports and services
  • Funding for care
  • Legal Documents and discussions

We can work with your loved one here in the Calgary area directly and communicate with your family to ensure everyone receives up to date information and is involved with the care planning. We provide in person consultation to where-ever your loved one is; home, facility care, or even during hospitalizations.

We are told by our clients and their family that they gain great confidence from a new found understanding of not only their loved ones health but the guidance and knowledge about the full range of options for care. We offer information about the public and private systems and discuss both current and future needs to make planning more effective and to minimize the need for change. We are able to neutralize potential family conflict and move families collaboratively forward based on their loved ones wishes or best interests.

Keywords: health care, Health Care Professionals, Legal Documents

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Review of Critical Financial and Legal Aging Issues

Having legal documents in place becomes more important as health care options and life-sustaining therapies increase but don’t address quality of life issues or personal beliefs. In living longer we also need to prepare financial solutions that will not leave a financial burden on our families for our care needs. If your loved one became incapacitated could you pay their bills, make health care decisions for them and act as their advocate.


Housing Solutions Consultation | Proactive Health Advisors Calgary

Thinking ahead and putting yourself in a place where you can get increased care if needed may be the difference between a Nursing Home and community living. After a particularity difficult winter, Maria wanted to be with people, activities and have meals prepared, she was tired of living alone. PHCA will assess your options for future living needs, discuss funding options and ensure you have a plan to age in your preferred place.


Navigating the Health Care System

After an emotional meeting with Kari which described Joan as much more competent than her placement would suggest, it was agreed that we would meet and assess her mother for physical, emotional and cognitive health. Kari was distressed with the decision and wanted to know alternatives available that could provide the care her mother needed but outside of an institution.


Sudden Illness or Incapacity Planning

This may have lasting negative impact if you have not prepared your loved ones in advance, and may be compounded by an absence of legal authority to represent them. PHCA can provide quality resources and referrals to professionals and services you may require during the planning process. Getting caught unprepared for a sudden illness or accident can have devastating effects on your life.


Parent Care Planning | Proactive Health Advisors Calgary

With support services to help care for Jean, Dennis’ health improved, his son’s stress level lessened and Jean enjoyed the interactions and support from the caregivers she got to know well. Most families believe they have done this, but in reality they have only scratched the surface and have unknowingly left a huge burden of unknowns for their family.


Medical Crisis Management | Proactive Health Advisors Calgary

We work to reduce stress and family conflict related to difficult health decisions during crisis,as well as reducing costs associated with reactive or unplanned care. Fortunately there was a caregiver in the home bathing his wife, Ann, who is no longer capable of calling an ambulance or getting help. PHCA worked with the family to put a plan in place that provided quality 24/7 care for Ann until Harry was able to return home.