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By: Preventous  09-12-2011

our Twenty-Four Seven Club services have been designed to provide you with a total solution to your health concerns.

These services include:

Timely Access

  • When you call for an appointment, it will be scheduled on a timely basis, based on your immediate medical needs.
  • Same day appointments are available for urgent health concerns.
  • Timely appointments to monitor and manage ongoing health issues.
  • Regular medical examinations and follow up visits

Unrushed Visits

  • Visits with your Preventous physicians are never rushed. When you make an appointment, we ask how much time you will need and we book your visit appropriately.
  • Extra time spent by physicians or our other health care professionals to investigate more complex health issues

After Hours Support

  • When you have urgent concerns outside of normal office hours, you can call our dedicated support line and receive a timely response from your physician.

Family-Focused Care

We know you want the best health care not just for yourself but for your whole family.

Our physicians, both male and female, have extensive experience in family practice, urgent care, pediatrics and obstetrics. They will get to know everyone in your family and understand their unique health issues and requirements.


  • Referrals, when required, for specialized services such as lab testing, diagnostic imaging and medical specialists.
  • Referrals for other health services including psychological counselling, life coaching, massage and other therapies.


  • Medication management
  • Prescriptions and renewals

Total Health Assessment™

Your Total Health Assessment™ is the most comprehensive health evaluation available to determine your current level of health.

The assessment involves complete medical, fitness and nutritional testing. Using the results of your assessment, we will collaborate to develop a plan tailored to your specific needs and goals and designed to reduce your risk factors for heart disease, stroke, cancer and other illnesses.

Quality Client Care

With a busy schedule, it’s easy to forget to look after your health. We do that for you. Our team will monitor your health on a regular basis and let you know when it’s time to come in for preventive medical consultations, or fitness and nutritional counselling.

Twenty-Four Seven Club for Your Children

We understand that many parents are more concerned with the health of their children than with their own health.

Your annual Twenty-Four Seven Club fee includes medical, fitness and nutrition services for your children 18 years of age or younger.

Limited Membership

To ensure our private medical services are accessible and personalized, we limit the number of members in Twenty-Four Seven Club. We will never compromise your level of care by accepting more members than we can properly service.

Preventive Medical Counselling

Our dedicated physicians will spend time with you to discuss your lifestyle habits, potential risks for disease and preventive strategies to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition Counselling

Your registered dietitian meets with you regularly to review your healthy eating plan and make sure you’re on target to attain your goals. Eight annual sessions are included in your membership.

You also receive access to our personalized online nutrition records.

Fitness Counselling

Your kinesiologist monitors your fitness level and helps you stay on track through frequent updates of your activity plan. Eight annual sessions are included in your membership.

Travel Clinic

Avoid the health risks of travel with our help in the form of pre-departure preparations, vaccine recommendations, advice on safety considerations and more. Your membership includes unlimited travel consultations and travel reports.

Educational Seminars

Your membership includes 4 educational seminars by various health practitioners on issues relating to you and your family’s health.

Uninsured Services

Twenty-Four Seven Club offers services not covered by Alberta Health Care, including: preventive health care advice in person, by phone or by mail; in-depth nutrition, fitness and lifestyle advice and counselling consultations with members of our team that are not covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.  The annual Twenty-Four Seven Club fee is for uninsured medical services only.

Insured Services

Services that are medically required or indicated, and covered by Alberta Health Care, will be provided by Preventous physicians and billed to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.