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By: Petro-tech Heaters  09-12-2011
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(Skid Mounted Units up to 40 MMBTUH) Petro-Tech's packaged systems can provide single source responsibility for complete plant heat medium requirements. All burner controls, fuel gas train and control panel including temperature indicators, pressure switches and fluid-flow protection are pre-piped, wired, and factory tested for proper, fully automatic operation. Pumps, expansion tank, fully insulated piping and instrumentation are designed to suit the most stringent specifications.


In the mid 1970's, the use of heat recovered from turbine exhaust became an important energy efficiency process. Waste heat recovery units have been a part of Petro-Tech's history since 1973 and have been installed on all types of turbines. Users report dramatic paybacks, in many cases less than one year, and smooth, trouble-free operation.


Petro-Tech's shell and tube heat exchangers offer total flexibility to meet your most detailed and exacting requirements. Many options are available, including variations in nozzle orientation, tube spacing, tube length, material, baffle spacing and TEMA type. We've built shell and tube exchangers for many varied and special applications: chillers, reboilers, overhead condensers, all to ASME Code and TEMA Standards.


Petro-Tech Heaters Ltd. offers a complete line of hairpin exchangers. These exchangers provide true counter-current flow, especially suitable for extreme temperature crosses, high pressure and high temperature. Our hairpin exchangers are available in double pipe or multitude within a hairpin shell, with bare tubes or finned tubes. Surface area ranges from ten square feet to 6,000 square feet with finned tubes. Pressure capabilities are full vacuum to over 2,100 PSI, limited by size, material and design conditions. Hairpin exchangers are designed and fabricated per ASME code, and TEMA standards.


Petro-Tech's Tank Heaters provide up to seven times more heating surface than ba pipe. This means more heat is transferred to the tank fluid at lower skin temperatures. Coking on the tubes, and damage to the material being healed is prevented. Fluid next to the tubes is heated and rises rapidly due to the difference in gravity, forming a thermosyphon in the tank that assures efficient, high heat transfer. These heaters are ideal for heavy oil and bitumen service.


The Canadian Oil Patch is a land where the temperature can plunge to minus forty. It is frigid, white, unforgiving, yet our air coolers serve their duty reliably and dependably. They're built to withstand the punishing cold of Canada or the dust and heat of the Middle East. Petro-Tech's air coolers meet all ASME Code requirements and come equipped with air recirc systems when needed.

Keywords: Shell And Tube Exchangers, tank, tube

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