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By: Perfectan Sun Studios  09-12-2011
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Tanning lotions help maximize your tanning potential, while at the same time providing good skin care though moisturizing. Moisture retention is one of our primary considerations at our salon. Your skin can dry out (lose moisturizing complex) in the presence of heat. You need to replace moisturizing complexes and better still retain them while tanning indoors or out. Accelerator lotions have a threefold purpose. They help the tanning process by enhancing the oxidation of melanin by the UVA rays. Secondly it imparts moisturizing complex back into the skin cells while tanning and thirdly it's pleasant fragrance counteracts the sometime odor that is a phenomenon with indoor tanning.

At PERFECTAN we carry complete lines of tanning products including: Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold, Supre, Devoted Creations, Ed Hardy, as well as many independent labels. (Anything not in stock can be ordered and is usually available to you in 3-4 days.)

Tanning Lotions and SPF'S

PERFECTAN carries high quality tanning products to help you develop an attractive and protective tan while providing the best skin care possible. However the variety of products can be confusing to new tanners. Here is a summary of the different types of tanning products available and what they do. Remember we are here to help you, if you are still not certain of the lotion that is best for you, please come to our store and we will be sure to find you a product that will help you to achieve your deepest darkest tan.


Skin becomes rough and dry from light, wind, bathing and other factors. Dry flaking skin reflects light, reducing the tanning effect. A quality moisturizer will soothe dry skin and make it soft and supple. Moist, clean skin tans best all tanning lotions contain moisturizers, and many have ingredients to neutralize free oxygen radicals which are a factor in the aging process. Use after bathing or anytime skin is dry.

Accelerators and Maximizers

These products are intended to increase or speed up your skin's nature ability to tan, and are used when you are trying to establish a good base tan. They generally contain a form of tyrosine, a naturally occurring amino acid (sometimes contains in a complex which may be called Unipertan or Vitatan) and other elements that skin cells need to produce and oxidize additional pigment. Use immediately before tanning and continue use until a base tan is established. For optimum results, use as a moisturizer during your tanning program.

"Tingling" Accelerators

Certain accelerators are intended to increase your skin's ability to tan by stimulating additional blood flow to the skin's surface, providing increased oxygenation and availability of essential tanning elements. Oxygen is important since pigment darkening is primarily an oxidization process. Useimmediatelybeforetanning.


Amplifiers contain various oils that make your skin more translucent, allowing more light to penetrate, thereby increasing UV light's tanning effect. Useimmediatelybeforetanning.


Tanning increases the thickness or callosity of the outer layer of your skin, blocking out UV light and reducing its tanning effect. This has been called the "Tanning Plateau". Intensifiers thin out this layer, allowing more UV light to penetrate to produce more melanin and further darken existing pigment. Use when accelerators and maximizers are not getting you any darker.

Shower Gels, Body Washes

Many soaps strip away your skin's acid mantle, resulting in moisture loss and poor tan development or early tan loss. The specially formulated shower gels and related products at PERFECTANcleanse gently while maintaining delicate moisture balance. Use daily instead of soap.

Self Tanning Gels and Creams

These products usually use dihydaroxyacetone (DHA), a natural derivative of sugar cane to oxidize the outer dead layer of your skin, turning it a golden brown. It will not wash off, but fades gradually with your skin's renewal process. Use to enhance hard to tan areas or to achieve maximum darkness.

Sun Protection Factors (SPF)

In your tanning center your exposure to UV light is carefully controlled to avoid burning, but when you spend time outdoors you are in an uncontrolled UV environment, so use a sunscreen that is right for your skin type and degree of base tan. An SPF 2 allows you to stay out in the sun without burning twice as long as you could without a sunscreen; an SPF 8 for eight times as long and so on. Use the high quality SPF's sold by your tanning center which give full spectrum protection (UVB plus UVA), provide essential moisturizing ingredients, and contain many of the ingredients used in accelerators to enhance your skin's ability to tan. Reapply sunscreens often to maintain protection levels.

Keywords: Accelerators, Tanning

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