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By: Peakbaggers  09-12-2011
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These sessions are informational and structured to be presented to larger groups of individuals (more than 12). They can be customized to your organizations needs and can range from one session on a particular topic or theme to a comprehensive series of sessions over time.

Sales Training

This would typically be done in smaller groups of up to 12 individuals. It would incorporate a mix of instruction, group discussion, practice of ideas, concepts and strategies and debriefing. This training could be done as a onetime occurrence on a given topic, theme or issue. Or it could be set up as a series of sessions over a period of time.

Sales Coaching

Much like hiring a Personal Coach for fitness training, we dedicate one-on-one time to look at your personal sales goals, evaluate your current approach; Both through interview and field observation. We design a training program tailored to your specific personality and needs. We then work with you to train you, encourage and motivate you, and monitor both your approach and your achievements on an ongoing basis making suggestions for change as we go along.

Small Business Consulting

This component of our program is targeted to those businesses in need of the services of a Professional Sales Manager but which are not large enough to justify the expense of hiring one. We provide ongoing support to your current ownership in terms of assisting with sales techniques, market analysis, etc. In addition, as your organization grows to the point it can sustain a fulltime sales force, we can help you to hire appropriate sales people and train and manage their activity until such time as your organization is large enough to justify and sustain a full time Sales Manager.

Please note. Our services are designed to bring you and your organization, real, measurable and sustainable improvements. We are so sure of the effectiveness of these programs that we can make the following guarantee

If you follow our program (our part of the relationship) and put in a serious and dedicated effort (your part of the relationship) and you DO NOT see measurable and sustainable improvements in your sales, then you don’t pay.

Keywords: Business Consulting, Sales Coaching, Sales Manager, Sales Training, Small Business Consulting