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Option No. 3

 Pacific 2 Atlantic Van Lines works with CNA (CONTINENTAL CASUALTY COMPANY) once if you choose to purchase additional insurance, CNA will send you a certification regarding …………. is insured subject to the conditions of Policy NO.000001 against which the interest insured hereunder has been declared.

The proper preparation of your possessions is essential to the success of your move.
Responsibility for damage to goods in a carton packed by yourself is difficult to prove if there is no visible damage to the outside of the carton. Your fragile, expensive or irreplaceable articles are best packed professionally. Items such as paintings, glass table tops, large mirrors and marble slabs are easily damaged. They should be packed and crated professionally.
Many machines and pieces of mechanical equipment in your home need to be prepared properly for the move in order to be protected from internal damage. Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, stereos, grandfather clocks, waterbeds, satellite dishes and hot tubs are common examples. All servicing should be performed by licensed professionals.
Arrangements for these additional services can be made by your mover for an additional charge. Always remember that, if these articles are not properly serviced before transportation, they will travel at your own risk for any internal damage that may occur.
Items which were serviced prior to loading should also be serviced at the destination prior to use. Where there is no visible exterior damage, the carrier cannot assume responsibility for malfunction, unless it is certified by a qualified technician or repair company approved by us that such damage resulted from abusive handling in transit.
Including cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles, snowmobiles, trailers & campers: Valuation for your vehicle should be determined separately from the coverage for your household goods. If you purchase valuation protection for your vehicle, please note that our liability is limited to the Black Book value for cars and trucks, and to the current market value for other vehicles. If you choose, your vehicle may travel at the released rate of $0.60 per pound even if your household goods are covered by declare value protection.
Only permanently attached vehicle accessories and vehicle tools such as those used for changing tires may be shipped with the family car. Remove hub caps and secure them in the trunk. Do not leave any other articles in the vehicle during shipment.
Wash the car and leave the keys for the ignition and truck with the carrier. A dirty vehicle cannot be properly checked and the carrier cannot take responsibility for minor damages that are not recorded before shipment.
The vehicle must be in running condition and contain the proper amount of oil and grease and a minimum of one quarter tank of gasoline. Make sure there is enough antifreeze in the radiator to protect the vehicle from damage in cold weather. The carrier is not responsible for any damage caused by weather conditions.
When you hand over your vehicle to the carrier, a Vehicle Condition Report will be completed. Before accepting the vehicle at destination, it is your responsibility to re-check the condition against this report, and record any new damages.
As matter of public safety, governments at all levels have passed legislation restricting the transportation of dangerous goods. Some commodities may be included in your shipment under controlled conditions; others are prohibited by law. In either case, you must disclose to the van operator every item which poses a hazard and which you intend to include with your shipment.
When the van operator arrives to load your shipment, his first task is to attach a numbered tag to each item and to describe any significant damage on the inventory. Your signature will be required to confirm that you agree with the accuracy of any descriptions.
Upon arrival at destination, the driver will provide you with an “Inventory Check-off Listing” in order to record each item as it is delivered. Before the van operator leaves, be certain to note the nature of any loss or damage on his copy of the Inventory, in the section called “Exceptions on Delivery”. While this is essential, it alone does not constitute a claim. It is simply a record of your observations at the time of delivery, and will substantiate the claim you will later submit.
We handle most relocations without any damages whatsoever, but should you have reason to claim, our network of movers coast to coast are authorized to make “on the spot” adjustment of minor claims. In addition, the van line staffs a centralized claims department with experienced, competent examiners.
The Claim Form
All the information requested on the form is needed to settle your claim promptly.
Take the time to fill out the form as thoroughly as possible. If you cannot obtain some information, or if you have questions about any part of the form, please telephone your destination member for assistance.
List all losses and damages. We cannot accept responsibility for items claimed after the original submission. Date the form, sign it, and mail it to your destination member.
Basis of Settlement
Settlement will depend on which valuation option you chose and on the cost of repair or replacement, including all applicable taxes. The carrier reserves the right to repair or replace any article in lieu of making a cash settlement.
Repair or replacement costs are not normally paid for minor damage to articles such as garden tools, snow blowers, sports equipment, boats, etc. which can sustain marring during normal use.
If you do not wish to have an item repaired or replaced, the settlement will be limited to the lesser of the cost to repair the item (excluding taxes) or its actual cash value (depreciated value).
Inherent Vice
Inherent vice refers to a characteristic of an item which can cause loss or damage without any incident occurring. By their very nature, for example, handling dried flowers is almost impossible without causing some damage. We will pack and move them for you, but we cannot assume liability unless damage is the result of mishandling.
We recommend that you contact the manufacturer of any item(s) you have concerns about and they can advise you on proper handling techniques
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Keywords: vehicle

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