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By: Paccana  09-12-2011
Keywords: Polyester, Coil, zippers

#3 Coil Closed-end
Part Number: A1-3CA

No. 3 (Lightweight) Poly Closed-end Autolock Zippers
(Normally used for dress pants, skirts, dresses, etc.)

#5 Coil Closed-end 1-way
Part Number: A1-5CA

No. 5 Polyester Closed-end Autolock Zippers
(Used for pockets, pullovers, purses. boots, etc.)

#3 Coil Invisible
Part Number: A1-3CI

No. 3 Polyester Closed-end Autolock with knitted tape.
(Used anywhere you need the zipper hidden)

#3 Coil Invisible
Part Number: A1-3OAB

No. 3 Polyester Open-end Zippers with Backwards "Invisible Zipper" slider.
(Used for two-piece dresses or gowns where the zipper is concealed.)
Size: 24" (60cm)

#3 Coil Open-end 1-way
Part Number: A1-3OA

No.3 Polyester Open-end Autolock Zippers
(Used for light jackets, blazers, shirts, two-piece dresses, etc.)

#5 Coil Open-end
Part Number: A1-5OA

No. 5 Polyester Open-end Autolock Zippers
(Normally used for light jackets, windbreakers, etc.)

#7 Coil Open-end 2-way
Part Number: A1-7OAS

No.7 Polyester Coil Two-way Open-end Zippers
(Used for jackets)

#3 Coil Open-end 2-way
Part Number: A1-3OAS

No.3 Polyester Coil Two-way Open-end Zippers
Length: 30" (75cm) only
(Used for sweaters, light jackets, etc.)

#10 Plastic Boat Top
Part Number: A1-10ONT

No. 10 Polyester Coil One-way Open-end Zippers w/Double-tab Non-lock Slider
Length: 120" (300cm) only
(Used for boat tops, convertible tops, sleeping bags, etc.)

#5 Brass Coverall (2-way closed-end)
Part Number: A2-5CAS

No. 5 Brass Closed-end Two-way Coverall Zippers with Autolock Sliders.
Black only
*Fire-Retardant Zippers are made with Nomex Fire Retardant Tape.

Keywords: Coil, Polyester, zippers

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