OzoneLab™ UV Quartz Cuvette

By: Ozone Services  09-12-2011
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The OzoneLab™ team produces standard and custom cuvettes:

  • Will fit some units made in Germany
  • Includes the insert and locking rings
  • Is a regular stock item
  • .. Is usually referred as OzoneLab™ Standard #1 UV Cuvette

12" (305mm) Quartz

  • Will fit some units made in the US.
  • Is a regular stock item.
  • .. Is usually refered to as OzoneLab™ Standard #2 Cuvette

Custom UV Cuvettes with a quartz length of:

  • Up to 8" (203mm)
  • Between 8" and 10" (204mm to 254mm)
  • Between 10" and 12" (255mm to 305mm)

OzoneLab™ UV Quartz Cuvette:

  • are designed and produced by Ozone Services, BC, Canada
  • include 2x24” flexible connection lines with standard Female and Male Luer Lock fittings
  • are 100% LATEX FREE
  • are made with high quality Quartz glass to minimize UV light loss
  • have an available insert designed to allow gentle flow and even exposure to UV.  Please note that the insert is only available on units with a quartz length of 10" (255mm) or less
  • have available adjustable holding rings
  • have all parts securely attached and are guaranteed to be LEAK free
  • are individually packaged in a sterilizable pouch

Sterilization of UV Cuvettes:

  • Pre-sterilization process was done using:
    • Ozone Concentration 90 [µg/ml]
  • Sterilization by EtO by a certified facility
  • Sterilization Validation done by an independent laboratory

Standard Packaging:

  • 8" or less
    • individually packaged in a 7"x12" sterilizable pouch
    • 30 quartz cuvettes per box
  • over 8"
    • individually packaged in a 8"x16" sterilizable pouch
    • 50 quartz cuvettes per box


  • Priority Mail, unless specified otherwise

A custom molded part, made from UV resistant plastic, inserted inside Quartz tube of the UV Cuvette. The purpose of this part is to prevent laminar flow, to induce gentle mixing effect and therefore increasing the surface area of the liquid that is exposed to UV.

High quality glass which, besides many other superior properties over standard laboratory glass, has also very low resistance to UV light. Therefore the loses incurred by UV light penetrating the Quartz cuvette wall are minimal.

Rings are used in pairs - one ring located at each end of the active section of UV Cuvette. They are designed to prevent linear movement of the UV Cuvette when it is inserted into the holding slots of OzoneLab™ UV Machine, keeping the UV Cuvette properly aligned in relationship to the position of UV lamps.

Keywords: Quartz

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