Advantages to Offsite

By: Onward  09-12-2011

With business moving at an ever increasing speed; a hosted network allows users to keep moving and focusing on tasks at hand no matter where they are.  Users can access the same materials, data, and programs from home, work, or on-site.   This gives maximum flexibility to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.   All that is needed is an internet connection.

Reduced Cost
With a hosted solution there is no need to install hundreds of programs on each machine.  Once it connects to the cloud all programs are there ready to use.  You only pay for those licenses needed; keeping software budgets and costs in check.  Costs of deployment, updates, and upgrades drop dramatically.

No data is stored at the end points.  This means that you get enterprise class security.  You can rest easily knowing that your data is safe.  Cloud based networks are easier to ensure they meet your security needs and easier to do post-mortem on any failures that may occur.  Data is given the full safety treatment with nightly backups to ensure maximum uptime.

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Software As A Service (SaaS

Furthermore, as a Microsoft Certified Services Provider we are able to offer Microsoft developed Software on a simple per user, as needed licensing model. Starting with a simple S.a.a.S model Onward I.T. Solutions can make a single basic application available as a hosted service. This enables us to develop a hosting solution that is customized for your company needs. We have the ability to host your custom applications within this model.


Cloud Backup Solutions (CBS

ONWARD C.B.S. is a highly secure and efficient data protection system which ensures that your data is properly protected in an offsite location and is readily available should a disaster strike your business.O.I.T.S. Quick, reliable recovery.ONWARD C.B.S. is built on an Agentless architecture which reduces the complexity of the strategy as well as the network overhead in deployment, management and maintenance costs.