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By: Nyco  09-12-2011

NYCO's wollastonite has found wide acceptance in metallurgical applications.
Its chemical purity, non-toxicity, consistent high quality coupled with NYCO's technical advisors and dependable supply make it a natural choice by the steel industry. Few can offer this winning combination.

Our wollastonite is typically used as an additive, whether on its own or compounded with other materials, to improve, among other things,
  • continuous casting - mold powders,tundish powders
  • slag conditioning and inclusion modification

Wollastonite is commonly used by the industry for its low temperature fluxing and inclusion modification properties. These properties that make it an ideal performance additive for the steel industry include:

  • Low melting point (1540ºC)
  • CaO:SiO2 ratio close to 1 (one)
  • Consistent chemistry
  • Soften point; Seger cone 1400ºC
  • Various particle sizes available
  • Low viscosity
  • Temperature (ºC) Poise
    1550 2.73
    1600 2.40
    1650 2.38

These unique properties translate into key benefits for metallurgical applications:

  • prevention of re-oxidation
  • absorption of non-metallic inclusions
  • lubrication
  • uniform heat transfer
  • reduction of nozzle blockages
  • contributes to uniform heat transfer of slag
  • low control melting point especially for silica kiln electric arc furnace steel

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Benefits of Wollastonite in Plastics Whether you’re designing a new composite, or updating an existing formulation, NYCO’s wollastonite products offer a significant advantage over other fillers and reinforcements. Our wollastonite’s reinforcing needle-like structure, its low hydroabsorptivity, thermal stability and conductivity, low resin demand and chemical purity make it an ideal additive to polymer formulations.


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Our untreated extender grades and unique surface-modified wollastonite have become industry-leading additives in varied liquid and powder coatings as well as paint formulations. It’s hard to imagine a world without color and wollastonite has become a key ingredient in paints and coatings applications. Enhances resistance to brittle failure and film degradation.


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NYCO's wollastonite is used in a growing number of construction applications as a reinforcing additive. NYCO's products are used in a variety of interior and exterior construction applications. Construction material formulations benefit from the wollastonite in the following ways.


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Whether used as a reinforcing additive or as partial/full replacement of asbestos, synthetic materials and chopped or milled glass fibres, our wollastonite can be found in a variety of applications. Our products are commonly used as reinforcing fibres and fillers in friction formulations. NYCO's wollastonite is the next generation of engineered fibres for friction materials.


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Wollastonite's unique chemical purity and acicularity make it ideally suited to ceramic applications where shrinkage reduction, increased firing strength, gloss improvement and/or reduced surface defects in glazes is required. Structural zirconia and alumina substrates. Benefits of Wollastonite in Ceramics.


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Whether you're sourcing wollastonite for a new or existing product, our over 50 years of experience in wollastonite is sure to help. At NYCO, we're using this knowledge to continually uncover the potential of this amazing mineral in a world of applications. Place a Request for a technical data sheet, product samples or a price quote by submitting an online form.