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By: Nexos Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Local Business

OAssess potential markets and establish relevant contacts with appropriate market-entry strategies through the coordination of meetings with various participants including government institutions creating public outreach mechanisms.

OHelp our clients prepare their business plans and goals; in accordance to the plan we can assess potential markets to estimate whether a market may exist in a particular geographic area for a specific product.
If the product is present in the market, clients may decide to request customized research to identify the best approach or alternative potential markets.

To expand our clients’ presence in their market of interest through the coordination of event logistics and networking opportunities with public and private entities that will ease their activities in such market.

For clients seeking potential clients in a specific market or to begin establishing their presence in a determined region, we identify interested potential contacts and arrange a schedule of meetings with these companies in consultation with the client. This service, if required, includes the arranging of language interpretation and logistic services, such as transportation and accommodation, when requested.

O Nexos Consulting helps to identify appropriate potential local business partners based on criteria established by the client. Our final report includes contact information of the interested local companies, a brief profile of their business and other relevant market intelligence gathered during the project research, in addition to industry-specific trade shows, organizations and publications of interest that we advise our client to attend.

O Nexos Consulting organizes events in a variety of formats and with different objectives. Usually our events will target our clients to meet relevant contacts that will ease their operations in another country or that will provide the information that will best serve their interest of expanding to Latin America
In each event, our priority is to identify potential buyers for our clients’ product/service and follow up on their interest in developing a business relationship with our client.

Keywords: Local Business