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By: Nereus Green Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Agriculture


With the growing carbon trading market, Nereus Green Group has an international group of experts to assess projects for carbon credit possibilities. Nereus will work with project owners to determine if a project has the potential to sale carbon credits. This includes landfill methane capture, agriculture methane capture, and reforestation. We have experts that will determine the amount of CO2 that can reduced, develop the project PIN, submit the project for host country approval, design and develop the project design documentation (PDD), submit the project for UN registration and approval, have the project validated, establish outgoing verification and market and sale the approve CER (Carbon Emissions Reductions) to our large network of international buyers. Nereus is also looking at marketing and selling CER post 2012 when the Kyoto agreement ends and VER (Verified Emission Reductions).

Nereus recognizes that the success of any project depends much more than supplying technology. This is why Nereus can provide:

Engineering and design


Reforestation assessment and
development using
agricultural crops.

Access to financing subject

      to credit and applicant

      approval with 


Agricultural Specialist in
Crop development and
harvest management.

Legal and Environmental


Carbon credit assessment,
development and sales.

Keywords: Agriculture