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By: Nemalux  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lighting, Solar Panels, Lighting Solutions

Nemalux’s solar lighting packages are cost effective solutions for off grid locations. In combining Nemalux’s high efficiency LED fixtures with solar panels  we provide sustainable lighting solutions for a variety of applications. Nemalux’s solar lighting packages can include our proprietary microprocessor, a power regulator, motion sensors, supervisory controls and light detectors.

The following information is required for an assessment:

What is your geographical location?

What is the lighting load?

Do you have a clear view of the sky?

Applications include:

Oil and gas
Developing countries
Cabins or remote residential buildings.

Nemalux’s solar packages have been used by our clients worldwide for many applications including security lighting, sign lighting, emergency lighting and general ambient lighting.

Our complete remote lighting systems include solar panels, battery backup systems, solar regulators, equipment enclosures and system mounting. Our custom-engineered solar packages are backed by an experienced technical staff.

Contact us with your specific application requirements.

Keywords: Led Fixtures, Lighting, Lighting Solutions, Lighting Systems, Solar Lighting, Solar Panels