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By: My Millennium  09-12-2011
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The "Millennium Formula":  is a process of self discovery.  Although the tough questions are asked by our analysts and partners, the answers must all come from our clients in order to be meaningful, to be internalized, and to increase "buy-in."  Most often one would start by asking and answering the most fundamental questions, which is the first step towards becoming a learning organization, then connecting the pieces of this puzzle into a comprehensive yet effective marketing presence.

Before you begin, it is necessary to conduct a needs assessment.  This will involve a 10 hour assessment of your firm's needs, resulting in a proposal for a more formal review or analysis, if needed.  Often simply sitting down with an analyst for a few hours will help you clear your thoughts and get you going in the right direction.  If further analysis is required, then the development of a mutually agreed upon course of action will take place, normally resulting in a Stage 2 Formal Proposal.

Depending on the results of the Needs Assessment, a formal proposal will be developed that will lay out a comprehensive, step by step, "go forward" plan.  This might include in depth market analysis, or a competitor analysis, or an internal capability analysis.  Your firm may need to a series of internal strategy setting meetings.  The description of this component of the "Millennium formula" is largely, and purposely, left undefined because it will be determined by the results of the Needs Assessment.  Millennium Strategies is developing a family of competent partners that may be called upon to participate in this phase of the project.

Millennium Strategies has analyzed over one hundred business plans, as well as help several clients review and improve their own business plans.  With our expertise in analyzing New Ventures, we can review or develop your business plan for you, after the needs assessment is conducted, making suggestions for change and improvement to increase the chances that you will be able to attract investors and get the new venture off of the ground .

Service  1: Acting as your Sales Agent

Millennium Strategies has several years experience performing sales and marketing duties for small manufacturer's, more appropriately referred to in the industry as "acting as sales agents".  This service is normally conducted on a client's behalf, where Millennium Strategies would cover a designated geographical territory or advise clients on how to properly penetrate a new market segment.

Keywords: Sales Agent