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By: Mountain Fresh  09-12-2011
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Mountain Fresh faucets are now available in many decorative finishes and are elegantly designed to coordinate with the most modern kitchens. Choose from white, gray, red, almond, black, chrome, brushed chrome and brushed stainless steel. The Mountain Fresh filter comes standard with a chrome tap while you have a choice of either white or black tips and handles. For a small fee, you may also upgrade to a designer color.

The Mountain Fresh filter may also be combined with an under-the-sink chiller to provide ice cold mineral water, convenient for office applications. Other Treatments
Mountain Fresh also carries a wide range of other water purification and treatment products to meet your specific water needs. If on non-municipally treated water, once your water has been tested, Mountain Fresh will review the results and suggest which application would be right for you, be it an iron filter, a water softener or a reverse osmosis unit. Iron Filter
Most typically, we will recommend this unit to remove high iron found on some acreages and farms. High iron is characterized by red stains left on toilet bowls, shower stalls and in the washing machine. Hydrogen sulfide in the water produces a rotten egg smell which can also be removed with the use of an iron filter.Reverse Osmosis
In cases where the mineral levels in the water are out of balance with recommended safe water levels, reverse osmosis units may be used to remove up to 97% of the minerals from the water. Most often this problem occurs on acreages, farms and private water sources. Water Softeners
In cases where the water is extremely hard, calcium deposits left on shower stalls and heads can be easily fixed by installing a water softener. You will notice an immediate reduction in the amount of detergents needed in your washing machine and will require less soap to make the same amount of suds when having a shower.

Whatever your water purification needs, Mountain Fresh will endeavor to find the best possible solution for your specific case! Call us first at (403) 250-1760.

Keywords: Reverse Osmosis Unit, Water Purification, Water Purification And Treatment,

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water filters and filtration systems - service

Maintenance The Mountain Fresh Canada filter contains laboratory grade sediment filters and premium grade granular activated carbon. The granular activated carbon should be changed when OTO (swimming pool test for chlorine) shows presence of chlorine. The first stage .4 micron filter is replaced only when the water flow starts to slow down at the tap. We also offer a LIMITED 3 YEAR WARRANTY on our Mountain Fresh Filter System.