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By: Mobovivo  09-12-2011

The Future of TV is Social TV

Clip your favorite video and share

Previiw is an innovative feature in MiScreens that allows the viewer to choose a scene within a show or movie and clip a portion of that scene, sharing up to 140 seconds, which the user can then comment on and share through their social network, web site or blog.

Previiw enables a content owner to protect their intellectual property while giving users the ability to spend more time with their content.

"Everyone says that social television will be big. I think it's not going to be big - it's going to be huge. We think that social media meets television is the next big thing. The ability to create content that will enable people to interface with each other, to connect, to recommend, to share and experience, is going to change the landscape of the industry."

- Ynon Kreiz, CEO of the Endemol Group, Digital Life Design conference - January 2011

Previiw empowers your audience to promote your product.

Previiw is fun and easy to use tool that drives social engagement which will engage, energize and grow your audience and fans.

Previiw includes the follow features:

  • Micro-blogging tool, like twitter, that can be used to connect and manage deeper fan relationships across multiple social networks. Its core value proposition to cutomers are:
  • Previiw acts as a social media hub interacting with other tools such as Facebook and Twitter, but driving traffic to a customers core property.
  • Previiw manages and presents a community conversation with TV brands (hosts, stars, directors, writers, etc.)
  • Previiw is media centric, videos and audio are integrated smoothly into the conversation
  • Previiw is commerce centric, buy buttons are embedded into videos, text, and audio posts

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