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By: Misty Creek Dog Rescue  09-12-2011

Ever look into your dog’s eyes and wonder what combination of breeds resulted in the world’s best pet? Ever debate with a Know-It-All at the dog park who tells YOU what kind of dog you have? Order a DNA test today and know the answer!

The kit cost is $10.00. When you mail it in for the results, there is a processing fee of $47.95.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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Adult Dogs : Misty Creek Dog Rescue :: Calgary, Alberta

Disco is a German Shepard cross, about 1 year and has come to us from the Cardston pound. He is pretty good overall with most dogs, just not great with dominate ones. He is very gentle and easy going, but needs some leash work. Basomi is going to be in a foster home in the Calgary area. London is a 6-7 year old German Shepherd, spayed female. Heidi is a 6-8 year old spayed female.


Puppies : Misty Creek Dog Rescue :: Calgary, Alberta

His foster home has been working very hard with him and he is now doing well on a leash, great with house training and in general just learning how to be a dog. Tillie was the first to climb the stairs and is the only one so far that has figured out how to jump the 1’ crate that blocks her in the kitchen. She is a female, and healthy.Tillie is a 8 week old border collie cross puppy.


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Leo is a loving five year old white Lhaso Apso / Pekingese mix who was rescued after being left in the car on a very hot day by his former owners on August 28th and brought to Misty Creek Dog Rescue’s shelter whne he was due to be put down. She is house trained, crate trained, good with dogs, cats and older kids. Odie was returned to Misty Creek and is now looking his forever home. Cristal is a 3 year old Chihuahua x Daschund, spayed female.