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Body Toning and Strengthening

Lose an average of 2-4 inches in 1 session  OR   a full clot hing size   in 10 sessions .

One15 minute session is equivalent to 200 sit-ups!!

Our EMS System combines painless Electric Muscle Stimulation with a relaxing & detoxifying Heat Diathermy Wrap to provide the following benefits:

  • Tone and lose inches. (Greatly increases results of a weight loss program!)
  • Target ‘problem’ areas
  • Bust lift/Firm Arms/Bottom Lift
  • Bust/Tummy/Inner Thigh Tuck
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • After child birth strengthen stomach muscles and target baby bulge
  • Strengthen muscles after periods of inactivity (injury, illness, disability).


  • Stimulates muscles to contract and relax
  • Creates lasting tone, strength, and measurable inch loss
  • Quickly reconditions muscles
  • Treats patients with atrophied or seriously diminished muscle function
  • Allows athletes to retrain sooner and more intensely

Heat Diathermy Wrap

  • Rapidly raises sub-dermal temperature in area being treated
  • Activates and improves circulation
  • Creates sense of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Relieves stiff and aching limbs, muscles, and joints
  • Accelerates chemical changes within the epithelial cells to break down fat droplets (reduces cellulite)
  • Fats are disposed of by the lymphatic system and through the skin accompanied by perspiration

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Keywords: Weight Loss

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