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By: Marketlogix  09-12-2011
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Make Customer and Market Research Part of Your Business Strategy

As today’s businesses look to improve performance and gain competitive advantage, the ability to collect, analyze and act on meaningful customer and market insight can mean the difference between success and failure.

Indeed, all successful marketing depends on developing a deep understand of your customers: who they are, what they think and how they buy. To really understand the needs of your customers and how best to engage them, you first have to listen.

One of the best ways to gain understanding of your customers is through Research.

At Marketlogix, we know that the information you need to make successful marketing decisions comes from several sources including current and former customers, key influencers, prospects and employees, as well as secondary sources.

We know that accurate and timely information about the markets and customers you serve is a vital corporate resource to be developed, managed and nurtured.

We can help you gather valuable information to drive everything from improving customer satisfaction and loyalty or building internet effectiveness, to optimizing the marketing mix, new product design and development, or brand positioning and messaging.

We provide research strategy, instrument design, fieldwork, data analysis, interpretation, and, most importantly, action-prompting strategies that help you determine the best marketing and organizational interventions for success.

The industries we have provided research services to are many and include retail, financial services and insurance, technology, educational institutions, real estate and property developers, entertainment and gaming providers, healthcare, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and trade associations.

Keywords: Brand positioning, Building Internet, Market Research, Marketing, Product Design, Research Services,

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Market Research :: methods

No matter what your research requirements are, Marketlogix will use methods based on experience and research industry best-practices, together with the best available technology, to drive response, collect and analyze data and translate this data into knowledge and actionable recommendations.


Marketlogix :: Market Research :: research services

Progressive businesses are always looking for insightful information that will help them to better understand dynamics and trends that affect the success of their business. Marketlogix uses a variety of research methods to gather, analyze and enable businesses to act on critical information about changing markets. Our customer research services enable faster, more sound decision-making based on unbiased customer feedback.


Marketlogix :: Market Research :: benefits of research

Look at Macro Environment Including industry, supplier and market trends, pending legislation, strengths and weaknesses of your product and service offering, threats facing your firm, competitive weaknesses to target, and identification and prioritization of key market opportunities.


Marketlogix :: closing the loop

By “Closing the Loop”, Marketlogix clients are able to measure marketing effect across all customer touch points and deliver their message with greater impact, greater relevancy. With the new economy challenging businesses to think differently about the way they go to market, marketing simply can not be left to chance. That’s why we developed a concept we call “Closing the Loop” to measure and track marketing success and quantify marketing ROI.


Marketlogix :: Interactive Development

It enables you to touch and interact with your customers (and measure the impact of marketing investments) in a way that no other medium can match, using tools such as email marketing, online research, transactional or informational micro pages, web analytics and more. Most companies have leveraged only a small part of what the Internet can do for their customers and their businesses.


Marketlogix :: brand support

All our activities will be designed to support your brand in a variety of ways, by establishing and maintaining guidelines throughout the creative process, and ensuring a consistent experience for your audience. Marketlogix works with clients who understand the importance of strengthening their image through brand development, marketing and creative support.


Marketlogix :: Direct Marketing

We know how to help our clients use effective direct marketing to make more money, build and solidify customer relationships and to learn and grow through measuring, testing and more effectively targeting their communications. On the business-to-business side it is the increasing cost of a sales call, decline in call frequencies and coverage and the fact that customers are frequently too busy to see sales representatives.