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By: Mariannas Alterations  09-12-2011

Clothes Repair

Briefly, we perform any kind of repairs. We specialize in major renovations (fitting for pants, skirts, blouses, jackets, coats, raincoats, jeans hamming using the original cut and design) and minor repairs (replacements of zippers and gap fillings). Damage removal and control is performed by all the possible means, in our work, we do our best to make traces of repair completely unnoticeable, and in the case of fitting for a figure- a perfect fit. Virtually, there is nothing we cannot do with clothes. In our practice, it is not uncommon for clients that have been turned down by other studios to find what they are looking for with us. Among our clients, there are those who bought their suits in major retailer stores and altered their clothes at our studio to achieve that perfect fit.

Repair of Leather Goods

Quality leather products are expensive. Therefore, it is always hurtful and disappointing when they get spoiled by an accident. If your leather clothing (leather jacket, trousers, sheepskin coat etc.) was destroyed- worry no more! In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred we can restore it. Our studio carries out repair of the skin (leather) of any complexity: from small fixes to full restoration.

Our prompt services that provide quality results are:

• New cut leather products
• Creation of new elements on your leather clothing
• Changing the length of items (including sleeves)
• Replacement of damaged parts of leather products
• Replacement pads
• Urgent repairs of sheepskin products
• Urgent jacket repair, leather jacket repair
• And much more ..

Do not rush to dispose the damaged items, please consult our specialists first, most likely, we will fix all the shortcomings of your items, and you will again be wearing your "new" and beautiful jackets, coats and trousers. After our repair or restoration of your items, nobody, including you will see any signs of previous damage.

Wedding and Evening Gown Fittings and Alterations

Oh, the wedding is approaching and still no dress. No, of course there is plenty of dresses out there- all different shapes, colors and cuts. But the one you need is nowhere to be found. You've been to more than one bridal salon, and still could not find the dress of your dreams, in which you can feel like a real bride- a gentle, refined air princes that will leave the groom speechless. Is there something that gets in a way of you finding your perfect dress: maybe it's that salons do not offer that specific style anymore, or maybe it's that particular figure that does not allow finding a perfect dress? Same thing can happen with a prom dress or any evening gown. Marianna's Alteration offers individual tailoring of wedding, evening or prom gowns of any complexity taken from catalogs, magazines or client's own designs. Our studio is ready to offer assistance, when a wedding or evening dress does not fit properly, by offering alterations. We perform alterations of any complexity: from hamming to size adjustments, fit-fashioned corsets, zipper replacements, beads embroidery, etc. Every detail of your dress should emphasize your best assets and conceal the shortcomings, be comfortable and stunning at the same time. Executed alterations, and dress fittings performed by our specialists will add unique charm to your wedding or evening gown.


The world is tired of monotony, we can happily bring to life your sketch or a picture. Tailoring in our studio is a creative process, and as a result you will get something to represent your style and personality. We give you a full range of options from different kinds of fabrics, furs and leather products. Tailoring is the specialty of our salon, you can order dresses that emphasize your sophistication and femininity, or vice versa- a dress that will give you a mysterious image. We help you choose a model, fabric and accessories. If in the process of tailoring a certain item, you come up with new ideas, we will try to incorporate them into the design. We are passionate about creating beautiful things and getting a well deserved appreciation from our clients, and that is why we support affordable prices of our studio, and at the same time delivering exceptional quality products.

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