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By: Malley Associates  09-12-2011
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Bankers and other company stakeholders appreciate our straight forward analysis of the business. Our concise business strategies and plans discuss what went wrong, what needs to change to be successful in the future and action plans to get there. Stakeholders are able to evaluate the information and approve future support.

On a move forward basis, our management discussion and analysis communications assist management to evaluate their business and prove to investors and bankers that they have considered the business beyond just "the numbers".

Part-Time Management and Special Projects - when a full-time position is not financially viable or existing management does not have time and energy to deal with all the issues.  

  • Management reporting,
  • Quarterly, Annual and MDA writing and reporting,
  • Development of the annual business plan, operating and capital budgets,
  • Structure debt/equity portfolio and refinance accordingly,
  • Establish and maintain financial policies and procedures,
  • Analysis of business development opportunities,
  • IFRS, Private Enterprise GAAP and Not-For-Profit GAAP readiness and compliance,
  • Capital and debt financing,
  • Compliance with government and reporting regulations,
  • Special reporting for corporate restructuring,
  • Management buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, succession and business structuring,
  • Fill a position while a new employee is recruited.

Management and Staff Support

Malley Associates helps organizations "capacity build" their human resource pool by mentoring and training existing management and staff to "grow to the next level" the business requires. This:

  • develops and retains key individuals,
  • frequently may facilitate management buyouts and transitions,
  • helps in "crunch times" to support your people.

Transaction Outsourcing

Outsourcing of company transactional and core business processes is a strategic alternative to a full in-house administration department. Outsourcing services are an alternative to the high cost of staffing full-time accounting personnel that may only be needed 25-70% of the time. The benefits may also include reduced capital investment as your company does not need to maintain servers, back-up systems, software and computers. The work is done in Canada, fast and effectively while controlling overhead spending.

All Malley Associates outsourcing services are performed and managed in Canada. Our services are managed by seasoned professionals who each have over 25 years experience. We:

  • understand the business environment,
  • provide quality service by people you are welcome to talk to,
  • have data security that is compliant with all regulations, and
  • have effective internal controls compliant with current auditing standards.

Our clients enjoy accurate and timely records at their disposal and have reduced their costs for computers, software, office space, staff turnover and the latent costs of untimely information.


  • Accounting and data input and management
  • Report generation and evaluation
  • Management reports
  • Cash management
  • Cheque writing and controls
  • Income tax and government filings
  • Human Resource Administration of payroll and benefits – Canadian and International

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