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By: Lxl Consulting  09-12-2011

Project & Parameter Design

Provide input (if requested) based on our experience in the project area for client approval and consult with design specialists.

Preplanning Meetings

Provide the client with our knowledge of potential issues of concern in the project area. Acquire necessary mapping and database information to preplan project accurately. The use of recent aerial photos greatly enhances specific area knowledge.

Geophysical Field Reports

Enables additional ground or air information to be gathered to best estimate and confirm any areas of concern.

Scouting of Program Areas

Prepare report required for all seismic programs in the "green" area in Alberta. Similar reports are required for other provinces (subcontractor may be chosen to perform this task).

Timber Damage Assessments

Evaluate, estimate and calculate the areas of disturbance for timber damage in the project area. This may include the following: meeting with FMA and Forestry officials, negotiate rate of damage, quality control on methodology chosen, inspection and settlement with FMA holder and Forestry officials and final clearance letters (subcontractor may be chosen to perform this task).

Cost Estimate Creation

Provide a preliminary detailed cost estimate to establish a base cost for the project. (The cost estimate may be updated prior to any field work commencing and as additional information becomes available.)

Due Diligence

Provide the client assurance that all contractors performing work on their projects will meet or exceed industry standards at all times. Those assurances may include the following: WCB standing clearance letter, recognized safety program, field audit of personnel and equipment, periodic field inspections, documented weekly and "tailgate" safety meetings, project orientation for all personnel, confirmed required certification (WHMIS, First Aid, Chainsaw, H2S etc.), hazard map creation and deployment.

Bidding Process

Secure firm bids from competent subcontractors that have a proven work history in the type of project to be undertaken. Some of the areas to be bid may include: approvals, mapping, permitting, survey, seismic line preparation (slashing, cats, mulchers), shot hole drilling, explosives and down hole costs, helicopter, recording and line cleanup (if required).

Bidding Selection

Compile a list of all subcontractors’ bids for comparison purposes. Provide original bids for client’s inspection. Provide insight to the client as to a company’s attributes and failings. Choose successful contractors with approval of client.

Permitting & Releasing Services

Obtain landowner permission to allow the client to seismic test. Ensure permit costs are competitive for the area. Ensure landowners are paid promptly (once funds are received from the client) and that all landowner issues have been successfully concluded.

Project Clearances & Project Inspections

Apply for and obtain project clearances from all government and non-government agencies.  Inspect all seismic programs for flowing holes, garbage, timber assessment and other compliance issues.

Project Summary

Provide to the client a summary of all pertinent information including but not limited to: costs, safety incidents, government approvals, special issues encountered, dates of start and completion etc.


Provide the client with all required reports (daily/weekly/monthly) citing costs and production to date. Daily communication, if required, to keep client informed of all important incidents that occur on the project. All costs reported will be compared to estimated values.

  • Cost tracking and client notifications.
  • Obtain client approvals for all expenditures and cost overruns due to unforeseeable events.
  • Pay all invoices after WCB clearance immediately upon receipt of funds from client.


We take pride in maintaining an extensive source list of experienced, professional personnel without any company subsidiaries or affiliations. This allows us to be objective and base our decisions solely on the level of expertise and suitability of the individual for any particular area, not on their affiliation to our company. For example, projects in British Columbia require BC certified personnel with experience in the area. We select personnel that have government contacts, experience dealing with aboriginal, environmental and data quality issues. We have extensive experience in British Columbia, the Maritime provinces, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories and the Yukon in addition to our core areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta.