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By: Lutw  09-12-2011
Keywords: Renewable Energy, Lighting Systems

Community development through the design and implementation of renewable energy systems is the backbone or our services. However we have added skills and resources to our team and are able to support our initial mandate with three other areas of expertise. We have grown to become one of North America’s experts not only in renewable energy and can also support education, communities and industry in a number of facets.

Our primary objective is to promote international development through the design and installation of renewable energy and high efficiency lighting systems for off-grid communities. This encompasses technical training for local technicians, capacity building of local non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations and cooperation with microfinance initiatives. The health, educational, economical, and environmental benefits of light and energy access as development tools are addressed in this objective.

We work with leading lighting manufacturers to develop and design products appropriate for developing countries that are primarily off the electrical grid. Our extensive field experience and access to prime testing locations (through our ongoing projects) offers manufacturers expertise on the needs and accessibility of potential markets, as well as the opportunity for low-cost field trials of new and existing products. These collaborative efforts serve our beneficiaries by improving the quality and reducing the cost of the products while improving consumer awareness and the creation of distribution networks. Improving the market for off-grid products directly contributes to improving access for those in need.

We partner with leading educational institutions with expertise in the energy and lighting industries to provide post-secondary students with a hands-on opportunity to travel to project countries and participate directly in the implementation of our projects. The course curriculums contain information on the needs and impact of energy and light on human development, and students carry out field-specific research when appropriate.

We work with leading companies operating in developing countries and assist them in fulfilling their CSR obligations. Many developing countries oblige companies to set aside funds to implement social projects as part of their access concessions. Although funds are provided, most companies lack the expertise to implement projects outside their core business activities, and they lack credible partners to work with who can ensure a tangible community benefit from the CSR expenditure.

Keywords: Lighting Systems, Renewable Energy

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One way LUTW achieves this objective is through supplying solar photovoltaic energy and lighting systems to individuals and groups, with a non-profit objective and a clearly defined project which is consistent with the developmental objectives of LUTW.