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By: LubeCorp Manufacturing Inc.  09-12-2011


POWERTRAIN is an industry-proven oil conditioner, providing extreme-pressure lubrication to virtually any mechanism. POWERTRAIN prevents metal-to-metal contact between components by producing a chemically induced mono-molecular barrier, that is super effective in neutralizing friction, equipment wear prevention, and reducing equipment temperatures.

  • Greatly increases performance
  • Extends equipment life and reduces heat
  • Improves equipment efficiency
  • Reduces operating temperatures 10° to 40°F
  • Increases operational life of host lubricant
  • Excellent for all oils, synthetics, and lubricants

Powertrain Oil Conditioner Features:

  1. Extreme Pressure load carrying ability.
  2. Outstanding performance at high temperature and pressure.
  3. Best possible lubricity to a wide variety of severe duty equipment in industrial, military, mining, construction and agricultural industries.
  4. Equipment runs cleaner and operates more freely, creating low-cost power.
  5. Enhanced detergency/dispersion keeps oils clean.
  6. Resistance to lubricant acidity, sludging, and fluid breakdown.
  7. Non-solid compound does not build up beyond a single, mono-molecular layer.
  8. Chemically induced mono-molecular barrier also prevents corrosion.
  9. Longer service intervals between lubricant changes.
  10. Recommended for your continuous maintenance program.

Mixing Instructions & Blending Ratios:

Normal working conditions: 3% POWERTRAIN: 30 ml per 1 L Lubricant (1 oz / Quart)
Heavy Duty working conditions: 6% POWERTRAIN: 60 ml per 1 L Lubricant (2 oz / Quart)
Extreme operational conditions: 12% POWERTRAIN: 120 ml per 1 L Lubricant (4 oz / Quart)

Available Sizes:

355 ml bottles (12 oz)
1 litre bottles (34 oz)
20 litre pails (5 gal)
205 litre drums (54 gal)
1,000 litre totes (264 gal)

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