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Regular Maintenance Services from Lube City

By: Lube City  12-02-2013
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Automatic Transmission Flush & Fill Service (up to 16 litres) Flush and Fill service displaces virtually 100% of contaminated fluid including the torque converter. Refill with New Warranty Approved fluid. Most vehicle manufacturers recommended service every 25,000 kms or yearly. ** Automatic Transmission Flush & Fill & Service Combination (up to 16 litres) Synthetic Transmission oil available on all packages. Ask your technician for details.** Engine Flush Service Dissolves and removes contaminants. Improves engine cleanliness. Promotes more complete draining of used oil. Recommended when you have exceeded regular oil change interval, or if you decide to change to a synthetic oil change package. Recommended every 20,000 kms or every 4th oil change. Differential Service (up to 3 litres) Differential, transfer case or manual transmission fluid change. Most manufacturers recommend changing fluids every 25,000 kms or yearly, whichever comes first.** (Synthetic gear oil also available. Ask for details.) Radiator Coolant System Flush (up to 16 litres) Flush cooling system and fill with New Warranty Approved coolant protected to -38C. Includes all chemicals and coolant to radiator capacity. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend service every 2 years or 48,000 kms whichever occurs first. ** Serpentine Belt Replacement Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacement if belt has 3-4 cracks per inch (25mm). Fuel System Tune-up Service Two stage fuel system cleaning and conditioning for injection and carburetor applications. Improves engine performance and fuel economy. Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter safe. Recommended every 25,000 kms or yearly.** Original Equipment Oil Filters Recommended by vehicle manufacturers. Fuel Filter Replacement Protects carburetors and fuel injection systems against plugging, helps avoid hard starting, rough idling and stalling.** Head & Tail Lights Windshield Rock Chip Repair Windshield Wiper Blades Cabin Filters New Model vehicles have improved air filtration by using cabin filters. When your windows are closed, these filters affect all of the air coming into your vehicle.** * Prices include parts, labour and installation * Applicable taxes extra. Market prices may vary ** See owners manual for the specific preventative maintenance period for your vehicle. Prices subject to change.

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