By: Litewave  09-12-2011
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Aerial & UG (Underground) Construction

Fiber Optic Contract Splicing

Digital Installations

Testing & Records Management

Network Transmission Equipment Installation

Premise Wiring

Emergency Restoration

Route Work /Preventative Maintenance

Build to plan capability for any Aerial or Underground project that has been approved by right of ways and permits in place. Litewave's affiliations with other large contracting firms enable our customers to simplify their contracting requirements through one firm instead of multiple companies. 

For cable placement, plus copper cable splicing and testing, Litewave offers you a complete service in equipped trucks with the industry's most experienced Journeyman splicer's. We have a proven and verifiable  track record of having our trained people on the job with very short notice. Litewave will only send the most experienced and fully trained people top a job site.

For cable placement, plus cable splicing and testing, Litewave offers you a complete fiber optic network service. Our expertise comes from years of experience in the fiber optic industry.  We are known for our reasonably priced, high quality service, reliable and on time service.

Litewave Communications employees are full time people trained on fiber optics splicing and testing and utilize state-of-the-art fusion machines to maintain:

  • maximum efficiency and productivity

  • lower splice loss with test reports to prove accuracy

  • superior performance on your network by using highest quality

For many of the new emerging CLEC and ISP's the team at Litewave offers you a complete network consulting and installation service. The expertise that Litewave technicians have gained from years of experience in diverse and changing technology segments working with industry leading products and systems assure you that equipment is installed in accordance with manufacturers specifications and industry standards. This will ensure the performance, safety and  reliability of the entire transmission system.


Litewave Communications have provided fiber optic testing & records management services nationwide to Canada ’s largest communications carriers, cable TV and utility companies. 

Due to the large inventory of current technology equipment, Litewave can provide their customers exact data in the format they are familiar with and use on a daily basis. With an in house capability of trace file conversions and familiarity with a broad range of Fiber Data base management, Litewave keep their customers happy and up to industry standards with the records and reports they provide at the end of each job.  Client references are gladly provided upon request. 


Litewave Communications employees are full time people trained on fiber optics splicing, testing and bench mark testing of  state-of-the-art network transmission equipment from leading vendors such as:

  • Lucent Technologies

  • Nortel Networks Optera

  • ADC , Fujitsiu , AFC

Our technicians can provide complete testing reports according to your needs including the complete span losses on each fiber connected to your systems. If performance testing on the system being installed is required, Litewave technicians have the equipment and capability.

Our Premise Wiring Service provides Litewave trained technicians in the system which they will be operating.  We continually monitor and update our technicians on current technology systems to ensure quality and professionalism towards the systems and customers.  Litewave Communications technicians will thoroughly complete all jobs to the system and customer specifications on time and within budget.

Litewave's  Emergency Fiber Optic Restoration Services Include:

  • Guaranteed restoral service within agreed upon contract time

  • Permanent fusion splices and reseal of enclosures

  • Testing records and trace files of restored fibers

  • Emergency in-service "hot cuts."

Litewave Communications is very pleased to offer our clients the following route work and preventative maintenance services:

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