By: Lionhart Capital Ltd  21-09-2012
Keywords: Financial Services, Consumer Finance Companies, Capital Lease

Lionhart Capital Ltd. networks with leasing consultants nationwide to provide equipment leasing that is "second to none". There are many advantages to equipment leasing. Leasing requires no down payment and allows for fixed payments over the term of the lease. Likewise, these payments are lower than the monthly payments that would be required for the purchase of the same equipment.

While equipment leasing conserves cash, preserves credit lines, and helps avoid technological obsolescence, there are also extraordinary tax benefits associated with equipment leasing, because unlike loan payments, lease payments may be fully deductible as an operational expense. Finally, equipment leasing allows for the convenience of a single monthly payment that can cover the cost of the equipment, including labor, installation, delivery charges, sales tax and sometimes maintenance.


There are many distinctive advantages associated with equipment leasing with which conventional financing programs cannot compete. Some of the considerations which make equipment leasing especially attractive are the ease with which the equipment can be disposed, the preservation of working capital, the elimination of outdated equipment and the flexibility of contractual parameters.


  • - Rental Conversion
  • - Lease-to-Purchase
  • - Sale & Leaseback Transaction

Keywords: Capital Lease, Consumer Finance Companies, Financial Services

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