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By: Linda Kodnar  09-12-2011

A comprehensive and personalized program back to (balance) and health may include a combination of any of the following….

Clinical Nutrition

The examination of diet and the role this plays in good health incorporates elimination, fasting or the addition of specific supplements to augment physiologic function.

Herbal Medicine

Historical uses have been the source of today’s pharmacopeia and are effectively used for a variety of conditions in the whole plant form.

Homeopathic Medicine

Minute amounts of natural substances to stimulate healing processes,based on the principles of "like cures like" similar to the basis of vaccination.

Physical Therapies

The use of massage, lymphatic drainage, heat or cold applications, poultices or ointments to facilitate circulation in healing.


Methods that specifically address disturbance in qi (chee or chi) an equivalent to the nervous system or blood flow. Imbalance here may create stress, pain or deterioration within the individual. Ayurvedic or Oriental herbal formulas may be included.

Lifestyle Recommendations/Counseling

To facilitate and empower the individual to manage stress, maintain weight and make changes to enhance well-being.

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