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By: Leadcopy  09-12-2011
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Let's examine some typical marketing projects.. and how my copywriting services can help YOU start making profits as a direct result of your marketing efforts.

Print and Online Advertising
That Gets Attention

I can write your print ads, banner ads, ezine ads, search engine ads, and so on. The ads that I write for you will get the attention of the prospects you want to reach.

As you know, B2B ads are used primarily for awareness building and lead generation. Depending on the situation, ads that attempt to make the sale in one step can work.. however, they can also put off, or even annoy, certain audiences -- such as engineers and other professionals that do a lot of research before buying the products or services that they need for their businesses.

Sure, they may be looking to buy, but they're often seeking quality information first.

Here are some proven direct-response strategies that I use to maximize lead generation in your ads:

  • I focus your advertising message on the benefits and applications of your product or service. While image ads may work to improve your company's image, they are not designed to generate leads.
  • I highlight benefits in your headline and sub-heads.
  • I spend time crafting for you a strong, attention-grabbing headline. This is the most important component of your ad.
  • I talk about the applications of your product or service, in a way that your prospects understand and appreciate.
  • I make your ads easy to skim, which is very important when targeting busy professionals.
  • I make use of your existing customer's testimonials, if you have them, to help put your new prospects at ease.
  • I talk to your reader in the first person
  • I work with you to make them an offer they can't refuse.. matching your offer to where your reader is in the buying cycle.
  • I find ideas to give your prospects a compelling reason to order right away.
  • I make it easy for your prospect to respond.
  • I choose your words very carefully.

With the proven strategies that I use, you will make sales and generate leads with my ad copy.

Direct Mail
That Generates Leads and Makes Sales

If our initial consultation indicates that you need a traditional direct mail approach, I'll write you a sales letter, the envelope copy, the reply element, or a self-mailer -- with strong, sales-generating, direct-response strategies, which include:

  • Gaining your prospect's attention with a strong headline.
  • Highlighting a problem that your customers face.
  • Presenting your product or service as the solution to their problem.
  • Proving your claims.
  • Providing a strong and clear call to action.. and making it easy for your prospects to reply.

Websites and Landing Pages
That Make Customers Out of Prospects

Whatever the purpose of a particular webpage on your website happens to be, the copy on the page is crucial in its success, whether its role is to:

  • Explain and present the features and benefits of your products and services.
  • Make special offers, such as discounts and giveaways.
  • Sell your products and services online.
  • Open customer accounts.
  • Generate leads for your salespeople to follow up on later.
  • Sign up your prospects and customers to your newsletters.
  • Provide technical information and updates on your products.
  • Handle inquiries into your delivery times, warranty claims and other customer service matters.
  • Etc.!

There are many proven and successful B2B copywriting strategies that play a part in a sucessful website. The copy that I write for you implements these strategies -- and will help you accomplish the objectives you want to achieve.

Landing pages are distinct webpages that complete your customers' orders. I ensure that your landing pages:

  • Are easy to follow.
  • Restate your offer.
  • Summarize the main benefits of your product or service.
  • Spell out exactly what your customer is getting or buying.

There are additional, proven strategies that I use when writing landing pages. Feel free to ask me for more details.

Although keywords alone can never replace the principles of persuasive copywriting, they will help prospects find their way to your website when they're searching online for what they need. I keep myself updated on current SEO strategies, which I can use to make your website more search engine-friendly.

Case Studies
That Put Your Prospects at Ease

Your prospects love a good story -- busy professionals included. A well-written case study -- also known as a "success story" -- is a very persuasive marketing tool for your business. This is especially true if you sell complex products and services whose benefits are difficult to understand -- or put into perspective -- with just a letter or brochure.

A case study is a win-win for everyone. Your featured customer gets free publicity in your case study -- good publicity too. They are presented as a business serious about improvement, by the very fact that they have sought out your product or service.

I follow a proven 7-step sequence for writing captivating case studies. It could work wonders for your business.

White Papers
That Engage Your Prospects

Usually more detailed and technical in nature than other marketing pieces, white papers are for the thinking professional.

A white paper -- also known as a guide, or "how to" booklet -- is one of your most powerful marketing pieces when targeting engineers, business executives and other key decision-makers.

Your prospects will expect a lot of unbiased substance in your white papers. The features, strategies, specifications and methodologies of your product or service take center stage here.

White papers that I write will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Take the thought leadership position in your industry, through educating people.
  • Impress your prospects and customers.
  • Generate sales leads.

Your white papers are also important because of their long shelf life. Well-written white papers can become long-lasting, fast-spreading viral marketing documents.

Newsletters and E-zines
That Create Loyalty to Your Business

If you appreciate the obvious benefits of keeping in touch with your customers or employees through newsletters and e-zines -- but lack the time or will to write them yourself -- contact me. It may very well be cost-effective to have me write them for you.

If You Wish to See Some Samples of My Work..

My Guarantee to You

Your satisfaction with my copy is guaranteed. If you are not completely thrilled with the copy that I have written, I will promptly re-write it to your specific direction -- at no extra cost to you.

Keywords: Marketing, search engine, White Papers