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-- To share with you our knowledge of teas and keep you updated with unique products.

-- Many cultures enjoy a Chai tea, in India or Pakistan their Chai tea is boiled on the stove with black tea, milk and chai spices (cinnamon, cloves, pepper, coriander, cardamon (green) and sometimes ginger). The tea is brought to a boil on the stove and poured into either glasses or cups. ---- Many of these spices are used in with East Indian curry dishes. The blend of Garam Masala is a variety of spices to create a blend into many other dishes. ---- Coriander contains anti-oxidants in both the roots and leaves, also has been known to treat insomonia and anxiety. ---- Cinnamon is known to be the sweet wood and initially the sticks are bark cultivated from the cinnamon trees. We get used to the ground cinnamon found in grocery stores. Cinnamon is used around the world. The tree is harvested for two years "Coppicing", new shoots are grow off the roots. Placed where cinnamon grows are: Zanzibar, Vietnam, Java, Madagascar, Brazil, West Indies, Egypt and Bangladesh. --- Cardamom - Is there a difference from Black Cardamom and Green Cardamom, you betcha. This spice is part of the Ginger family, the "Elettaria" is the Green Cardamon and is grown in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia & India. The Green Cardamom is used in both tea and coffee in Iran & the Middle East; plus it is the main spice in Masala Chai. It is grown in Nepal, Central America, Thailand and in Kerala, India. --- The Black Cardomom is called "Amomum" and is grown in Australia & Asia. These seeds (pods) are known to have a camphor flavor, smokey flavor is from the over drying of the pods. This one is known to be the Nepalanese cardamom. The Black Cardomom is created into the Garam Masala mix and used in casseroles, chowders and sauces. In China it is used for malaria and stomach problems. (please ask your Health practictioner before consulting this use for this spice). --- Ginger plant members are turmeric and cardamom. The cultivation began in South Asia, Caribbean, East Africa and is used in Japan, China and India. It can be drank as a Tea and made into a Candied Ginger. If you drink "Ginger Ale" - this has ginger in it. Ginger wine (U.K.) and ginger flavored liquer is created in France. --- This feature is about Chai spicy teas, calendula petals, coriander and a few other added spices. --- Let the cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and more tantilize your taste buds and give you that boost for the day. --- Most of the members do enjoy the Chai teas brewed into a nice infuser pot or just a mug. --- Enjoying a full arrange of teas daily, look for more Chai teas added later this year. ----Source for spices and herbs info from "Wikipedia".

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Keywords: Tea

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