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By: Landlords Chamber Of Commerce  09-12-2011
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A landlord should issue a rent receipt EACH AND EVERY TIME money [rent, deposit, reimbursement for damages etc.] is received from a tenant. This is a simple act that protect landlords very much. Landlords you issue rent receipts can always prove: how, when, how much, by what method and from whom did you receive payment. In somes States and Provinces, this is required. Required or not, do it! You will be grateful when you are required to prove rent arrears, persistently late and other related matters. Start using Landlords Security Rent Receipts™immediately!

Landlords Security Rent Receipts™ are available to landlords in two formats: electronic format known as Landlords Security E-Rent Receipts™ and book format known as Landlords Security Rent Receipts Book™.

Landlords Security E-Rent Receipts™ are electronic rent receipts identical to Landlords Security Rent Receipts Book™ except that it is electronic and comes in an unlimited amount.

Landlords Security E-Rent Receipts™ allows landlords to email rent receipts to their tenants, quickly compile rent reports and rent statements. Landlords Security E-Rent Receipts™have many more benefits. Do your part for the environment instead of using paper rent receipts use Landlords Security E-Rent Receipts™! They are secure and we will be working together to save the environment.

When you use Landlords Security E-Rent Receipts™you will save you money. You will never have to buy another rent receipt book again because Landlords Security E-Rent Receipts™gives you unlimited access, and comes with many benefits such as automatically generate Rent Statement etc.

Landlords Security Rent Receipts Book is excellent and is far more supreme that store bought receipts. If your goal is to protect yourself, have good bookkeeping but you prefer hard copy then is for you!

Landlords Security Rent Receipts Book is different from store bought rent receipts in many ways, some of which are listed below:

  • They are written in accordance with Governing Landlord and Tenant Law.
  • They contained specific legal clauses which protects landlords if the
    payment is via check and the tenants financial institution does not honor said check
  • They include the period for which rent is paid
  • Landlords are forced to show the method of payment by which rent was paid
  • They are specifically designed to protect and help landlords
  • Improved and easy to understand book-keeping
  • They include several built in security features 

Keywords: landlords, Rent Receipts

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