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By: Klm Electrical  09-12-2011
Keywords: Electrician, Master Electrician

Infrared Thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you see instantly where the problem areas are.

 Production plants, High Rises, Hospitals, Schools, Grocery Stores, Ski Hills, Convenience Stores, Oil and Gas, Insurance Companies are all benefitting from this simple yet effective way of preventative maintenance.

KLM Electrical and Thermo Imaging will accurately investigate and detect your companies “Hot Spots”.

They have a high level and standard of training, and experience. A Master Electrician and certified Thermographer, with the ITC, will scan your electrical cabinets and components. You will have an instant picture on all of your multiple wires and connections that are a potential problem. KLM Electrical and Thermo Imaging will also write a report and suggest the necessary repairs and when to repair those areas.

5 Reasons to Choose KLM Electrical and Thermo Imaging:

  1. Finding and fixing a poor electrical connection before the component fails can save you much greater costs associated with manufacturing down time, production losses, power outages, fires, and catastrophic failures
  2. Insurance premiums may cost less with a yearly scan (check your policy)
  3. Common electrical problems are fuses, electrical panels, bolted connections and switchgear
  4. Saves you money, Having your in-house thermal program will cost you several thousand of dollars in training and equipment
  5. Qualified thermographer (many companies have the equipment, but no training) An infrared image without measurement can be misleading because it may visually suggest a problem that does not exist.

Cost Effective power management is critical to maintaining the reliability of your electrical systems!

Keywords: Electrician, Master Electrician