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Facilitation Services: If you need to step back from the everyday office pressures, ask us to facilitate planning meetings, process reviews, or retreats. We provide a skilled, experienced facilitator to encourage creative, productive thinking and teamwork in a supportive environment. Here are just a few of the programs we provide:
  • The ‘Annual Check-Up’:You do it for your body.. you do it for your car.. how about doing it for business? Where are you headed, and how are you planning to get there? We’ll help you step back and take that big-picture perspective.
  • Strategic Planning: We used a tried-and-true method for developing strategic plans – plans that are workable, measurable, and tied to real business objectives.
  • Audience Consultations:Need feedback from members of a key audience? The personal approach often complements more formal surveys. A focus group, town hall meeting, or other structured sessions can be satisfying and rewarding to both participants and the sponsor.
  • Personal Growth and Development:Designed with work groups in mind, this program helps individuals find balance and direction in their lives. This program is protective of individual privacy and sensitivity, and promotes learning through reflection and self-evaluation through low-risk experiential exercises and discussions.
  • Open Space Technology: Bring everyone! This is a ‘whole-systems’ approach to organizational growth and change. If you truly want empowered people, people committed to change and willing to make it happen, if you truly want to foster community and responsibility, this is the process for you!

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Key Concepts Ltd. - Communication Management - prof dev

Following a needs assessment, a curriculum is prepared for each individual depending on the skills needed, and participants progress at their own rate as determined at the outset. Flexible..Current..Rewarding We offer a wide range of communication training and development programs, all of which can be tailored to meet the needs of anyone.


Key Concepts Ltd. - Communication Management

Research and Analysis:As components of other projects being carried out by the client, Key Concepts will provide primary or secondary research services using formal or informal research methodologies. We evaluate your organization?s communication needs, and recommend a staff or contractual need, a reporting structure, job descriptions, and skill analysis for recruiting purposes.


Key Concepts Ltd. - Communication Management - research

Focus Groups: We are pleased to be able to provide facilitation services for focus groups, including the development of a question schedule, participant selection, facilitation of the focus group, and analysis of the results.


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Initiating the Communication Function: If you are establishing a communication function for the first time, consider the role you expect communication to fulfill. Positioning the Communication Function:As organizations mature, and as they respond to market and other forces, their communication needs change. Currency with leading-edge communication skills and practices is essential for communication practitioners.