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By: Kent Imaging  09-12-2011

Kent Imaging has assembled a team of experts in the fields of optics, software development, hardware systems, and mechanical design. In addition to its comprehensive internal capabilities, Kent also relies on the expertise of key suppliers in areas such as optical filter fabrication and image sensor development. The company develops systems based on a modular design concept, where each module has well-defined inputs and outputs and can be easily tested. Where possible, existing commercially available devices and components are sourced in order to reduce risk and take advantage of proven reliability and cost effectiveness. Products are designed to satisfy user needs, and the company strives to obtain user input on utility, user interfaces and operational methodology at all stages of development so that it can be integrated into the design. The result is a technology platform which can easily evolve as the component world evolves, and which permits accelerated development of new products with different feature sets and form factors.

The objective of the Kent Imaging development team is to turn breakthrough NIR spectroscopy research into a real, commercially viable device platform giving medical personnel radically improved tools to assess tissue viability.

The critical criteria are:
  1. clinical value
  2. repeatable analysis and presentation
  3. fast response
  4. non invasive - no immobilization, non-intrusive illumination and no fluorescing agents
  5. convenience / ease of use
  6. a cost which enables attractive pricing levels

Beginning in 2006, development proceeded through multiple iterations of design as the team met various challenges such as wavelength selection, algorithm development, illumination methodology, filtering systems, image presentation and usability. As the design proceeds through preproduction stages, input from field trials and laboratory experiments is being integrated into the product. Product verification will ensure that the product meets the design criteria and user requirements, and the requirements for Health Canada and FDA approvals are being addressed.

As the successful launch of the first product progresses, an increasing amount of effort will be focused on introducing new variants of Kent Imaging’s technology platform to address other market opportunities. The team will also begin the evolution of the technology to address new areas such as cancer detection.

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