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By: K-tizo Graphic Design  09-12-2011

Artwork is our specialty. Whether it be vector or freehand drawings, each piece is custom designed to your satisfaction.

Vector Artwork
Vector artwork is computer generated and designed through the use of Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Macromedia Freehand. The advantages of using vector images is flexibility to resize without affecting the quality of the image. Vector retains sharp crisp lines in contrast to bitmap (rasterized) images such as photos which can show jagged edges and other distortions when scaled.

Photo Editing
Never trust a photo again! With modern technology a photo or combination of photos can be manipulated to the exact rendering of a client's needs. Do you have a photo of a product you would like to use on a brochure but there is an object of distraction in the background? This object can be taken away. Your product can be placed in a "perfect" setting, enhancing the look of your brochure. Was Joe missing in the staff photo? Well, we can put him in for you. The possibilities are endless.

Many of our clients have allowed us to be their photographer. Please feel free to discuss this option with us.

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k-tizo graphic design | services

Graphic design is a term for taking various components such as photos, artwork and copy and combining them in a way that is visually appealing, communicating a clear message. We specialize in marketing collateral (marketing support materials) such as. Display ads for newspapers, magazines, or other publications. Any other printed media you need for your sales team. We're not the sensitive type.


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We work with our programmers for sites requiring content management tools, database back ends, and e-commerce functionality. A presence on the web is a cost effective, constant means of exposing your company to the world. Offers a convenient non-threatening way for people to learn about you first.


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When it comes to preparing your display ad for magazines, newspapers, and business directories or yellow pages, K-tizo will give your ad the special time and attention that it deserves to ensure it stands out. Your ad is among many that need to be designed quickly in a fast paced, high pressure environment. You've paid a lot for the ad space - make it stand out from the rest. Many publications include design in the price of advertising.


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Determine your company's mission and allow us to help you establish a logo, color scheme and design style that clearly and powerfully communicates this mission. Developing marketing materials without the proper logo or branding is like showing up for work having forgotten to spend enough time in front of the mirror. The mirror provides a reflection that allows you to judge whether your physical appearance is ready to face the world for the day.