Featured Products - A.I.R Traning System

By: Jiaowu  09-12-2011

Featured Products - A.I.R Traning System.

One bath rids years of accumulated toxic chemicals and metals in your body. Safe, effective and cheap. The natural way to detox.

Which toxins will the clays remove?

Specific clays are attracted to certain toxins in your body. These pollutants can come from what you absorb through your skin, from what you eat, and what you breathe. Dental amalgams, cosmetics, pesticides, food additives, drugs, municipal water, air pollution, household products, the list goes on ..

Magnetc clay removes: 

Mercury and heavy metals

Arsenic, aluminium, lead and many industrial chemicals

Inorganic residues from tea, coffee, food additives, vaccinations, pesticides and herbicides

Cadmium, drugs (both recreational and pharmaceutical), food preservatives and by-products

Nickel, tin, copper and other metals

How magnetic clay works? When dry clay is mixed with water, the plate-like particles of clay open up and create a porous network with a large surface area. The clay acts like a magnet, because the tiny clay particles have a strong negative ionic charge. Most of the toxins in the body happen to be positively charged. So depending on the clay and the toxins, they are quickly and strongly drawn out of the body.

Certain healing clays have a strong attraction to heavy metals, radioactive elements or many other toxins such as pesticides. These clays are known as smectites, having formed from weathered deposits of volcanic ash. In France they are called montmorillonite clays after Mont Morillon where they are found. In the USA deposits are mined near Ft. Benton, Wyoming and are called bentonite clays

Other products and services from Jiaowu


Co-Enzyme Q10 - A.I.R Traning System

Each 100 mg capsule of New Roots Herbal’s Coenzyme Q10 is fermented according to the Japanese pharmacopeia standards to meet the body’s needs for this coenzyme that is critical to all metabolic function. Production of CoQ10 by the body begins to decline as people reach their twenties; perhaps the most recent threat to critical levels of this coenzyme is associated with statin use.


Amalgam Illness // Mercury Poisoning

This is incredibly ironic considering that this very same amalgam mixture (including amalgam fillings removed from peoples' mouths) must be handled, transported and disposed of as a "toxic substance". An educated doctor or student of mercury toxicity will be able to draw an educated conclusion as to whether the test results are indicative of mercury poisoning.


Custom Probiotics - Human Strain 50 Billion CFU

Upon request, we will be pleased to share with you the most recent independent laboratory test results, that indicated 73 billion per capsule.Adult Formula high bacterial count, broad-spectrum formulation and high viability of friendly bacteria all contribute to its effectiveness.


Master Amino Pattern - A.I.R Traning System

For the amateur athlete: 5 to 10 tablets of MAP™, 30-45 minutes before physical activity, in conjunction with the daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Individual dosage may vary according to nutritional status, age, gender, and the intensity and frequency of physical activity. It has been clinically proven that the use of MAP™, during physical activity, increases muscle strength.


Vitamin C8 - A.I.R Traning System

Another structural role of zinc is in the maintenance of the integrity of biological membranes resulting in their protection against oxidative injury.Sodium Ascorbate — Sodium ascorbate is buffered and will not contribute to gastric irritation in acid-sensitive persons.