Muddy Paws Treats

By: JAW'S Puppy Treats  01-08-2010
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Ithink the best thing about these treats is the peanut butter.  I only used real peanuts that were crushedinto butter.  There is no soybean oil, nohydrogenated vegetable oil, no added salt, and no sugar.  Don’t get me wrong, I love eating commercialpeanut butter.  But I know it’s not goodfor me, or my pup.  The way to know ifyou are buying real peanut butter is if it separates with the oil on top.  Everything I make these treats I get aworkout mixing the oil back in.  Becauseof the peanut butter, these treats are a great source of protein and the carobpowder, a source of carbohydrates.  Withthese dog treat, your pup will be ready to go all day long!  All our treats are wheat, corn, and soy free. They are also baked soft to preserve flavour and make them easy to eat.

Ingredients:  Peanut butter, rice flour, oat flour, honey, egg, carob powder.

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