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By: Iron Triangle Hse  09-12-2011
Keywords: Disability Management


IronTriangle Disability Management Software offers businesses like yours, a very affordable and intuitive system to assist with the management of your ill or injured employees. Knowing who is off, the nature of their disability, and when they are expected to return to work are items you track now but most likely with the assistance of spreadsheets, your memory, sticky notes..etc.
In additon to claim management activities, it also tracks the associated costs, costs savings realized through modified work, and provides you with an overall picture of employee disability status within your company. This valuable tool also serves as an audit trail of your claim management activities - evidence of your due diligence in assisting ill/injured employees.

Using the IronTriangle Disability Management Software's web-based application means you never have to install, upgrade, or maintain your software.

All you need is an account and a web browser, and you are good to go.

The IronTriangle Disability Management Software enables you to:

  • Track significant events from the day of the incident until the end of the claim
  • Integrate with available WCB data
  • Record notes and attach documents throughout the history of the disability
  • Assist in job scheduling by keeping supervisors and managers informed of the expected return to work date
  • Schedule, manage, and report on modified work assignments
  • Work collaboratively with the disabled employee thereby maximizing the employee-employer goal of returning the disabled party back to work as soon as possible
  • Estimate your potential savings and report on the savings realized
  • Set automatic e-mail notifications based on pre-determined events or dates
  • Produce individual claim reports, department claim reports, year-over-year and company-wide reports
  • Integrate with your current HR system
  • Track each claim from onset to resolution in terms of claim activities, interventions, outcomes, lost work hours, saved work hours, claim management costs, cost/benefit ratio, payout ratio, and return on investment

Keywords: Disability Management